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Sumerian Mythology Contents


A Study of Spiritual and Literary Achievement in the Third Millennium B.C.



University of Pennsylvania Press Philadelphia [1944, revised 1961]


INTRODUCTION. The Sources: the Sumerian Literary Tablets Dating from Approximately 2000 B. C
I. The Scope and Significance of Sumerian Mythology
II. Myths of Origins
  The Creation of the Universe
  The Organization of the Universe
  Enlil and Ninlil: the Begetting of Nanna
  The Journey of Nanna to Nippur
  Emesh and Enten: Enlil Chooses the Farmer god
  The Creation of the Pickax
  Cattle and Grain
  Enki and Ninhursag: the Affairs of the Water god
  Enki and Sumer: the Organization of the Earth and Its Cultural Processes
  Enki and Eridu: the Journey of the Water-god to Nippur
  Inanna and Enki: the Transfer of the Arts of Civilization from Eridu to Erech
  The Creation of Man
III. Myths of Kur
  The Destruction of Kur: the Slaying of the Dragon
  Inanna's Descent to the Nether World
IV. Miscellaneous Myths
  The Deluge
  The Marriage of Martu
  Inanna Prefers the Farmer
V. References and Notes
  Supplementary Notes


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