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The Alexiad, Contents

The Alexiad


Anna Comnena (Komnene)

Edited and translated by Elizabeth A. Dawes.

London: Routledge, Kegan, Paul, 1928.

Inquiries into the copyright on this text indicate that US copyright was not renewed, nor was any claim filed under the GATT. Barnes and Noble published the text in the US in 1967 with no claim of copyright, and thus under the laws at the time as a public domain work. Correspondence with Routledge (on file) indicated that they had no records whatsoever about the book, including the date of its first sale in the US (putting one copy on sale would constitute "publication" under GATT).




BOOK I . From Alexius' Youth to the Last Months of Botaniates' Reign

BOOK II The Revolt of the Comneni

BOOK III . The Accession of Alexius and Interfamily Power Struggles

BOOK IV . War with the Normans (1081-2)

BOOK V . War with the Normans (1082-83) (i-vii) : Alexius' First Battle with Heretics - John Italus (viii-ix)

BOOK VI . Norman West : Death of Robert Guiscard : The Turks

BOOK VII War with the Scyths (1087-90)

BOOK VIII . War with the Scyths (1091) : Victory at Levunium (29 April 1091) : Plots against the Emperor

BOOK IX . Turkish War : Dalmatian Interlude (1092-4) : Conspiracy of Nicephorus Diogenes (1094)

BOOK X . Second Battle with Heresy : The Cuman War : First Crusade (1094-97)

BOOK XI . The First Crusade (1097-1104)

BOOK XII . Domestic Conflicts : Second Norman Invasion (1105-7)

BOOK XIII . The Conpiracy of Aston : The Final Defeat of Bohemond : The Treaty of Devol. (1107-8)

BOOK XIV . Turks, Franks, Cumans and Manichaeans (1108-15)

BOOK XV . Victory over the Turks : The Orphanage : Heresy of the Bogomils : Last Illness and Death of Alexius (1116-18)


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