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Compendium History Vol. 1



A Dissertation Presented to The Faculty of the Ambassador College Graduate School of Theology In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Theology

by Herman L. Hoeh

1962(1963-1965, 1967 Edition)


Chapter One ..... The Modern Interpretation of History A Radical New View How History Is Written Not Without Bias A Case History 'Anything but Historical Truth' History Involves Interpretation The Truth about the 'Historical Method' Evidence of God Rejected as 'Myth' History Cut from Its Moorings

Chapter Two ..... 6000 Years of History It Is Never Safe to Assume No 'Prehistory' of Man Cultures, Not 'Ages' Origin of the Study of History Historians Follow the Higher Critics Framework of History Founded on Egypt Is Egyptian History Correct? Distorting History

Chapter Three ..... History Begins at Babel History Corroborates the Bible On To Egypt The Chronology of Dynasty I Shem in Egypt Dynasty II of Thinis Joseph and the Seven Years' Famine The Exodus Pharaoh of the Exodus Dynasty IV -- The Pyramid Builders

Chapter Four ..... The Missing Half of Egypt's History The Story Unfolds Moses the General History of Upper Egypt The Great Theban Dynasty XII Who Was Rameses?

Chapter Five ..... Egypt After the Exodus Who Were the Invaders? The Great Shepherds Hyksos in Book of Sothis Amalekites after 1076

Chapter Six ..... The Revival of Egypt Dynasty XVIII The Biblical Parallel Shishak Captures Jerusalem Who Was Zerah the Ethiopian? Dynasty XVIII in Manetho The Book of Sothis

Chapter Seven ..... The Era of Confusion Egypt As It Really Was The Later Eighteenth Dynasty Manetho's Evidence The El-Amarna Letters Are the 'Habiru' Hebrews? After El-Amarna

Chapter Eight ..... Egypt to the Persian Conquest The 'Israel' Inscription The 'Thirteen Fatal Years' Nebuchadnezzar and Ramesses the Great Catching Up Loose Ends Dynasty XXV, the Ethiopians Dynasty XXVI of Sais Manetho's Account of Dynasty XXVI Book of Sothis and Dynasty XXVI Another Look at the Book of Sothis Appearance of Dynasty XXIV of Sais Who Was Usimare Piankhi? Dynasty XXIII of Tanis Dynasty XXII of Bubastis So-called Dynasty XXII Dynasty XXI of Tanis What Eratosthenes Revealed

Chapter Nine ..... The Eclipse of Egypt Answer in Ezekiel Persian Kings of Egypt Egypt Rebels And Now Dynasty XX of Thebes

Chapter Ten ..... It Began at Babel Mesopotamia Rediscovered What Archaeologists Learned Analyzing the Sumerian King List History Continues at Erech

Chapter Eleven ..... Berossus and Babylonian History Another Account of Earliest Dynasties First Dynasty of Ur and Successors Now Sargon of Akkad Dynasties IV and V of Erech The Guti Dynasty Three Other Dynasties Dynasty III of Ur Dynasty of Isin Dynasty IV of Kish and the '400 Years' Dynasty of Akshak Dates of Queen Ku-Baba

Chapter Twelve ..... Hammurabi to the Fall of Babylon Why Hammurabi Dated Early The Dynasty of Larsa When Did Hammurabi Reign Damiq-ilishu Reappears' Nebuchadnezzar the First Era of Nabonassar Three Succeeding Dynasties

Chapter Thirteen ..... History of Assyria Later Assyrian Kings Who Was Shalmaneser? Predecessors of Shalmaneser III King Pul and the Bible Tiglath-pileser I and Thutmose III

Chapter Fourteen ..... History of Assyria Concluded The Kassite Dynasty The Earliest Kassites The First 1000 Years of Assyrian History Analyzing the King List

Chapter Fifteen ..... Media, India, Japan and China The Revolts of the Medes History of Early India Early Indian Kings of Magadha Scythia and the History of Japan History of China

Chapter Sixteen ..... Asia Minor and the West Modern Mythology Beginnings of History The Proof of Language The Proof of Race The Kingdom of Mitanni and the Hurrians Who Were the Hurrians? Phrygians and Hatti

Chapter Seventeen ..... How Greek History Was Corrupted Greeks Admit Homer Was Demented The Plot Centers on Troy Homer and the Lydian Kings Restoring Greek History Kings of Corinth The History of Athens The History of Sicyon Enter Sparta Who Were the Heraclidae? The History of Argos Genealogy of Danaus Sea Powers of Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean The History of Italy

Chapter Eighteen ..... The History of Ireland How Confusion Arose in Irish History The First 1000 Years The Coming of the Milesians Did David Visit Ireland? Jerimiah Goes to Ireland The Milesian Kings The Throne in Scotland

Chapter Nineteen ..... Early Britain and Western Europe The Enigma Solved Early Europe The Heraclidae Kings The Trojans and Western Europe The Testimony of Archaeology

Chapter Twenty ..... The Proof of Archaeology Archaeology in the Aegean World Palestine, Syria and Archaeology The Coming of Israel into Palestine Mesopotamian Archaeology Northern Mesopotamia Egypt in Parallel


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