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Book of The Generations of Adam

Book of The Generations of Adam

The Book of the Generations of Adam was the Book of Remembrance commenced by Adam subsequent to the expulsion from the Garden. In it he recorded his experiences in the fallen world for the benefit of his posterity. This book is referred to by Moses in his recounting of the history of the first ages of the world. Sometime subsequent to the compilation of Moses' history, the Book of Generations was lost from among men, but it was preserved in the mind of God, the Holy Spirit, until the last dispensation when it is being brought forth for the edification of those who are attempting to recreate at the end of time that Holy Order which existed among our First Parents.

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Gn:5:1: This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;


1. IN the day that the Eloheim created man, in the likeness of the Eloheim made He him, in the image of His own body, male and female, created He them and blessed them and called their name Adam, which being interpreted is, first blood or the first man having blood in his veins; and thus were they called Adam in the day when they were created and became living souls in the land, upon the footstool of the Eloheim.

2. Behold, it is I, Adam, who write this record, for thus did the Lord command me, that there should be a book of remembrance kept among my people, even from generation to generation, in which we should record those things which transpire among us and the mighty works which the Eloheim should perform in our behalf.

3. I and my people have come out form a land of great plenty, a land of beauty and peace, where the Lord God had placed us. There, in a garden of delights, we received every good thing from the hands of our Eloheim, who required only that we dress the garden and that we refrain from partaking of the fruit of the tree which was in the midst of the garden, lest we die. Of death we knew nothing, but we understood that if we partook, we would be cast our of the garden and cut off from the presence of the Eloheim. Nevertheless, there was in the garden an evil one, one of the satans, who sought our destruction, that we might be miserable like unto himself. In process of time, he led the women, beguiling them until they partook of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Upon learning this, we counseled together, knowing that with the coming of the Eloheim, the women would be cast out of the garden and our purpose in coming here would be frustrated. After much consultation, it was agreed that we should all partake of the fruit, that together we might undergo that which awaited our little colony. We partook and feeling for the first time the shame of our nakedness, we made aprons of fig leaves which we tied about our loins, for the Light of the Eloheim had departed from us and we were left exposed in the midst of the garden of Jehovah.

4. When the Eloheim entered the garden, it seemed as though the brightness of their coming would consume everything; in fear we hid among the trees, but the Eloheim called us forth to face the consequences of our transgression. The Satan was cursed to crawl upon his belly, eating dust all the days of his life. To our horror, as we watched, his arms and legs withered away and upon his belly he crawled from our presence. The women were placed under sorrow--their priesthood was taken from them and they were subjected to their husbands for the means of salvation. Nevertheless, they were promised joy in begetting children and eventual redemption to their former glory. The men, too, were placed under sorrow where we were commanded to till the ground, which would no more yield to us freely as had the garden, until we died, for surely death is the fruit of breaking the commandments of the Eloheim.

5. Before we were cast forth from the garden, the Eloheim taught us many sacred things, that we might be prepared as masons to build up a Zion to the Eloheim in the midst of this world of Sorrow. The Lord Jehovah gave unto us, also, coats of skins which we were to wear as long as we remained in this world of wickedness and sin. Thus attired, we were driven from the garden while cherubim and a flaming sword were placed to prevent our reentry until we had justified our Fall to mortality. In the midst of the garden, said the Eloheim, stood a tree which would overcome the powers of death, but we could not partake of it until we had proven ourselves faithful to the commission of the Eloheim.


1. LEAVING the garden, we traveled as we were led until we arrived at a plain which we called Olaha Shinehah, because here we hoped to find again the Light which we had lost. Here we began to build homes and a community unto our God and here I built an altar upon which to offer sacrifices unto the Most High. Nevertheless, we did not understand the meaning of these sacrifices, but we did all things according to the directions which we had received in the garden and we were obedient unto Jehovah in all things, even as He had commanded us.

2. Being led by the Spirit of the Eloheim, I ascended also a mountain which rose beside the plain of Olaha Shinehah from which I could overlook all the regions round about and I blessed the land, dedicating it unto Jehovah, and I called the land Cainan because Jehovah had given it to us.

3. Upon this mountain, which we called Ramiah, I discovered a cave of many rooms. Here I placed the sacred things which we had brought out of the garden--an apron of fig leaves, a branch from a tree whose blossoms never withered and a stone of many colors which radiated Light in the darkness. these I placed in a stone box, which we called the Testimony, and above it we carved representations of the cherubim which guard the entrance to the garden. The cave we called the Cave of Treasures, and here we resorted often to commune with Jehovah and to reenact those sacred rites which the Eloheim had taught us in the garden.


1. THUS did our lives progress from day to day as we tilled the ground, built homes, made clothing and other implements for our comfort and pleasure, and learned to live in this new world to which Jehovah had led us.

2. After many days, when we were at the altar, offering up a lamb according to the pattern which had been shown us, an angel of Jehovah appeared unto me saying, Why dost thou offer sacrifices unto Jehovah? To this question I replied, I know not, save Jehovah commanded me. then the angel spake unto me saying, This sacrifice is in the similitude of the Only Begotten of the Father who is full of grace and truth. Wherefore, thou shalt do all that thou doest in the name of the son and thou shalt repent and call upon the Eloheim in the name of the son for evermore.

3. Then the Spirit of Jehovah fell upon me, saying, I am the Only Begotten of the Father from the beginning, henceforth and forever. Behold, even as thou hast fallen, thou mayest be redeemed, and all mankind, even as many as will, may be brought into my presence through the power of mine atonement, for surely I shall walk upon the earth in the flesh, and give my life as a ransom for all who will come unto me.

4. The did my soul rise up within me, and I blessed that God who gave me life, calling upon Him in the name of His Only Begotten. And the Spirit of Jehovah was in me so that I stood forth and prophesied concerning that which should befall my posterity unto the latest generation. Yea, goo and evil were laid out before me, so that I saw the come upon the earth, and I saw also the redemption of all men and the final consumption when darkness will be swept away forever. And I was led to cry out in the Spirit of Jehovah, Behold, now I know that this same priesthood and Order which are in the beginning of the world shall be in the end of the world also. For I have seen the Holy Order of the Eloheim upon the earth in the end of time when the remnant shall come forth to bear off the kingdom. Yea, Zion have I seen spreading abroad her dominion among the pure in heart, that the heavens and the earth might be one again. Then will the sons of men enter again the garden of delights; they will bathe in the Eternal Sea and they will dwell in the presence of the Eloheim. Then will all things become one, for the divisions between heaven and earth will cease and the Christ will reign upon the earth for a thousand years. I saw also that the earth should be redeemed and should enter into rest and, feeling within myself the power of that redemption, I cried out, saying, Blessed be the name of our God, for because of our transgression, our eyes are opened, and in this life we shall know the joy of our redemption, for in the flesh we shall see and know the Eloheim.

5. Then Eve, also, seeing and hearing what was done, being filled with the Spirit of gladness, exclaimed, Were it not for our transgression, we never should have had seed, and never should have known good and evil nor the joy of our redemption nor the eternal life which God giveth unto all the obedient.

6. Hearing these words, the entire congregation arose as one man and burst forth in blessing the name of the Eloheim, singing and shouting praises unto the Name of Names. Then the voice of the Eloheim came unto me saying, Behold, I am Jehovah thine Eloheim. I made the word and created the spirits of all men before the world was formed. Yea, I am the Lord of spirits, the Ruler over all who will come upon the earth. Behold, Adam, if thou wilt turn unto me, hearken unto my voice. Believe on my name and upon the name of mine Only Begotten. Repent of all thy transgressions and be baptized, even in water, in the name of mine Only Begotten Son, which is Jesus Christ, the only name which shall be given under heaven whereby salvation shall come unto the children of men, and thou shalt receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Even so will I give this gift unto everyone who cometh unto me and obeyeth mine ordinances. And if thou wilt let this gift grow in thee, the day will come when thou shalt ask all things in His name, and whatsoever thou shalt ask, it shall be given thee. This promise, also, I give through thee unto all who will abide the conditions thereof.

7. Then I ventured to speak, even unto Jehovah, saying, Why is it that men must repent and baptized in water?

8. And the word of Jehovah came unto me saying, Behold, I have forgiven thee thy transgression in the garden of Eden. Nevertheless, inasmuch as thy children are conceived in sin, even so, when they begin to grow up, sin conceiveth in their hearts, and they taste the bitter that they may know to prize the good. And it is given unto them to know food from evil, whereby they are made agents unto themselves. Behold, I gave unto you laws when I placed you in the garden, but ye transgressed those holy commandments and for so doing have been cast out. Nevertheless, I have given unto you another law and commandment, even at this time; wherefore, teach it unto your children that all men everywhere must repent, or they can in nowise inherit the kingdom of God, for no unclean thing can enter into His kingdom, neither can an unclean man dwell in His presence. Behold, is not Man of Holiness my name? And mine Only Begotten, even he is the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, the Righteous Judge, who shall come in the meridian of time to save all those who will believe on His name, keep His commandments and receive His ordinances within themselves. Therefore do I give unto you a commandment to teach these things freely unto your children, showing them that as the Fall hath come upon you by reason of your transgression, so doth every man fall within himself through failure to keep the holy commandments. Even so, as death hath come into the world through your Fall, in the like manner doth every man perpetuate that spiritual death through his own transgressions. Therefore, inasmuch as ye are born into the world of water and blood and the spirit which I have made, and so become of dust a living soul, even so ye must be born again into the kingdom of heaven by water and the Spirit, being cleansed by blood, even the blood of mine Only Begotten, that ye, being sanctified from all sin, may enjoy the words of eternal life in this world and eternal life in the world to come, even immortal glory. Yea, by the water ye keep the commandment; by the Spirit ye are justified, and by the blood ye are sanctified. Therefore, it is given to abide in you, even the record of heaven which is the Comforter which testifieth of the peaceable things of immortal glory, the truth of all things, that which quickeneth all things, sustaineth them in life, for the Comforter knoweth all things and hath all power according to wisdom, mercy, truth, justice, and judgment. And now, behold, I say unto thee, This is the plan of salvation unto all men through the blood of mine Only Begotten who shall come in the meridian of time. and behold, all things have their likeness and all things are created or made to bear record of me, both things which are spiritual, things which are in the heavens above, things which are on the earth, things which are in the earth and things which are under the earth. Yea, all things, both above and beneath, bear record of me and call upon men to repent and come unto me, their Creator, that they may be saved.

9. Then I cried out unto Jehovah in the ecstasies of my soul, and being filled with Light, I led my people to the water's edge where we knelt in prayer unto the Eloheim. Many hours we prayed and praised the Eloheim in song and dance and ecstatic utterances until the Light which surrounded us burst into flame and a glorious being stood before us, clothed in Light, who uttered eternal words which filled our souls with power. Calling me by name, he led me into the water, but the water was to me a sea of Light in which I was immersed into unity with the Son of the Most High and, as I came forth from the water, cloven tongues of fire fell upon me and I was filled with the Light of Eternity. I felt the presence of the Eloheim and I knew that I was returning to that holy state whence I had fallen. In ecstasy, I called forth the others, who one by one entered the water to receive the blessings. All that day and all the night, we rejoiced in the Light, for it was all day to us as we were in the presence of the Eloheim where darkness never cometh. And when we returned to our homes, we ceased not to call upon Jehovah and to offer up our praises for the Light and the newness of Life which had entered into us.


1. EIGHT times since our leaving the garden had the moon become new, when a son was born unto my wife Lilith. We all rejoiced at this appearing and on the eighth day when I dedicated him unto Jehovah, I called him Cain, For, said I, we have gotten a man from Jehovah. nevertheless, the countenance of my son Cain was not like unto ours, for he seemed to have the mark of the satans upon him, although this was not clearly visible to the outward eye. But I rejoiced in my son and sought to raise him up unto Jehovah.

2. Other sons and daughters also bean to be born unto us, and soon the laughter and cries of children filled our community. As our children grew, however, we saw in them the signs of sin. This was a great sorrow unto us, for our nature was to do good. Wherefore, taking Eve, my wife, I ascended to the Cave of Treasures, where we worshipped before Jehovah, calling upon His holy name, and even the Names of Names, that He should reveal Himself unto us.

3. And Jehovah spake unto me saying, Inasmuch as your children are conceived in sin, even so doth sin conceive in their hearts, and they shall know the bitter that they may know to prize the sweet. Nevertheless, if they will receive me, even Jesus Christ, as their Savior, they will be born again, even as thou, that they may be filled with Light. Behold, Adam, for this purpose didst thou come forth from the garden, that thou mightest raise up a righteous posterity, an holy seed unto my name. Then did Eve rejoice and was led again to exclaim, Were it not for our transgression, we never should have known the joy of redemption. And we rejoiced together before the Lord.


1. FOUR years after the birth of Cain, a son was born unto my Eve, a son whom we named Abel, for, said I, We see in our children the transitoriness of life and the power of sin and depravity. Nevertheless, this son Abel was a source of joy unto us, for he was filled with the Love of the Eloheim and true to the dedication wherewith we did consecrate him unto Jehovah. After eight years, he was baptized and entered into the covenant, in which thing we did rejoice, for we knew that even in his youth he had been born of the Eloheim. From that time, the gifts of the Spirit were manifested in him and he did begin to minister in the power of the word unto his brethren and sisters. Nevertheless, many of them rejected his words and they did revile him, laughing him to scorn. But Abel went on in the integrity of his soul, bearing witness to the truth, and gathering into the Church of the Anointed all those who would receive the word of the Eloheim, repent of their sins, and come unto the Fathers to be baptized, that their sins might be remitted by the power of the blood of Christ, for as yet none of our children had received the holy priesthood.

2. But when Abel had reached the age of twelve years, he was received into the Holy Order of the Eloheim, and at the age of fourteen, the priesthood of Elias was conferred upon hi, that he might begin to serve the people in the authority of the Most High. Two years later, he was ordained a priest and began to assist at the sacrifices.

3. From his childhood, Abel spent much time with the animals which had become attached to our community. He was gifted in working with them, understanding and caring for their needs, for he could communicate with them better than the remainder of the people whose ears had been closed to the tongue of the animals when we had left the garden. In Abel, however, this gift remained to a great degree; even the wild beasts of the field who feared us, loved Abel and would frolic with him when he was alone. Often we marveled at this evidence that the Light of the Creator had not completely departed from us and our children.

4. Abel continued to grow from grace to grace; he was a joy to all of us who had come out from the garden, and others of our children began to follow his example, turning unto the Holy Order of God and growing in the Light of the Anointed. Often, they would ascend together to the altar which we had placed at the entrance to the Cave of Treasures to offer sacrifices unto Jehovah Eloheim and to worship in His praise. We rejoiced in the growth of another generation dedicated to the service of almighty God and carrying forth the traditions which we had brought forth from the garden.

5. The remainder of our children followed Cain who had entered into a covenant with Satan whereby he had become Perdition, the Master of the Lie, that great secret by which they murder and commit all manner of abominations to get unlawful gain. These had so perverted the truth as to offer sacrifices unto Jehovah in the name of Satan, taking the fruit of the ground and offering it up in an unholy parody of the holy ordinance. But the Eloheim would receive no such offerings and the souls of Cain's people became ever more corrupt and ever more chained to the powers of darkness and evil. In their wickedness, they envied the joy of Abel and the children of Light, turning their hatred against them because they lived at peace with the Eloheim and all the holy angels.

6. Now, in his twenty-ninth year, Abel received that More Sure Word of Prophecy whereby he stood approved of the Eloheim, being received into the Order of the Ancients, the Fellowship of the Fathers, that he might officiate in the Cave of Treasures, for he was numbered among the Eloheim, having received of the fullness of the Father through the grace of his Only Begotten. This was a time of great joy to us, as we contemplated the growth of Zion among our children and the expansion of the Holy Order of the Eloheim. When we considered Cain and his brethren, however, our hearts were filled with sorrow, for they were lost in depravity and wickedness of every kind which the human heart could create or Satan inspire.

7. Our sorrow reached its nadir in the sixtieth year after our departure from the garden. On a certain day, Abel and all his brethren, our children who followed the Way of the Anointed, gathered before the Cave of Treasures to offer sacrifices and rejoice in the mercies of Jehovah. Abel, himself, officiated at the altar, then entered into the Holy of Holies to pray before the Testimony, where the Presence of Jehovah dwelleth between the cherubim. During this solemn time, while all knelt in silent meditation, the air was suddenly rent by savage yells, as Cain and his wicked brethren descended upon the worshipers, their heads shaven and their faces painted in the image of darkness. Brandishing weapons of horror, they fell upon the worshipers, murdering them as their prayers ascended unto heaven, spilling their innocent blood upon the ground, a silent witness to the utter depravity of the sons of Perdition. Cain, himself, rushed into the Holy of Holies, polluting that sacred ground by his very presence, and fell upon Abel as he ministered before the Testimony, shedding his innocent blood before the cherubim.

8. Then did the anger of Jehovah arise, and he spake from between the cherubim. What hast thou done? He demanded. Why doth thy brother's blood cry from under the altar against thee? Behold, is not his blood upon thy flesh, a mark which shall not be eradicated until the end of time? Thou wicked Cain, thou art Perdition and thy deeds shall follow thee for from thee shall flow murder and bloodshed, wars and contentions, until the earth shall hide her face from the wickedness and pollution of mankind. Depart from before my face, for thine existence is a pollution to the sanctity of this spot. Nevertheless, no man shall slay thee, for thou shalt live to see the full measure flowing from thine iniquity, until the final destruction of the darkness of this world. Then a horror of darkness fell upon Cain, so that he fled from the cave like a madman, fleeing the presence of Jehovah, and his brethren in iniquity followed him unto a land east of Eden which they called the land of Nod, for, said Cain, I have fled from the face of the Lord.

9. When our children returned not from the Cave of Treasures, we ascended the mountain, seeking our loved ones, our heirs in the Covenant. On that holy spot where we had found such joy and happiness in the Lord, we were met with a scene of total devastation. Every one of those who had been true to the Covenant lay upon the ground, their blood spattered upon all the holy instruments, staining even the altar of the Eloheim. Our cries rent the heavens as we felt the anguish of a fallen world encompassing us, drawing us down into the blackness of despair.

10. How long we lay in the horror of loss, we knew not, but slowly Light dawned upon our weary souls and the voice of the Eloheim spake peace unto us. Lift up your heads and rejoice, declared the word of Jehovah, for these have died in their innocence, being sanctified by the blood of mine Only Begotten, and they rest this day in Paradise, the first of your children to enter into my rest. Behold, even as your children have been darkened by the power of darkness, even so shall my Son be lifted up upon the cross; yea, in the meridian of Time shall it come to pass, but out of defeat I create victory, saith the Lord Jehovah, for as your children have opened Paradise as the abode of the righteous, so shall my Son open the prison for the release of those who will accept his salvation. Behold, I am God over all and all thins submit to me, both Light and darkness, in mine own due time, saith the lord Jehovah. Then, the air was filled with singing and angels ministered to us until our souls rejoiced in the glory of the Highest and we were able to rise up and bury our dead unto Jehovah. Returning to our lonely homes, we mourned our dead but our mourning was swallowed up in the victory of Jesus Christ over death, for we had seen the power of the resurrection over the cross and we understood the cross as the way of Life.

11. Thus we walked in Light, but Cain and his brethren walked in darkness and anguish of soul. And Cain wrestled within himself, for the voice of Jehovah continued to call unto him, Where is thy brother whose blood crieth unto me from the ground for vengeance? To which Cain replied, Am I my brother's keeper? Nevertheless, he knew that he was lost in darkness and his mind was blighted and he became a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth, forever fleeing his memories and the darkness which pursued him and grew within him. Amen.


1. AMONG our little ones who yet remained was our son Timnor who was blessed with great wisdom to understand the physical laws by which machines might be created and governed. Timnor's sister Ammah was also blessed with understanding, for she investigated the nature of life, unlocking the mysteries of life itself.

2. When Timnor was eighteen years of age, he took Ammah to wife, she being fifteen years. Nevertheless, although the Lord Jehovah had blessed these two greatly with wisdom and understanding concerning the secrets of His creation, they followed not after the ways of Jehovah their Eloheim, for they took glory unto themselves, acknowledging not the Source of their power in the heavens.

3. In the one hundredth year, Timnor and Ammah led a group of our children who, like themselves, worshipped the workmanship of their own hands and the power of their own minds, out of the Land of Cainan unto a valley northward which they denominated the Land of Haner, for, said they, here shall we throw off the ways of our Fathers and follow after our own wills.

4. The people of Haner prospered in the land, building mighty cities in which they dedicated themselves to the fulfillment of every physical desire, but their souls were empty because they did not know the Lord Jehovah nor did they call upon His holy name. Yea, Timnor built great engines with which to deface his Mother Earth, defiling her for his unholy purposes. With other machines of his contriving, his people flew through the air like birds and explored the depths of the lakes and rivers. He created also great instruments of destruction with which his people attacked the people of Cain, driving them into the mountains and dense forests, that they might take their land for an inheritance. Thus did the evils of private ownership of the land lead to war and destruction wherein one people would destroy another to inherit their land and their goods, and the God-given abilities of men were turned into instruments of death and destruction.

5. Ammah was not one whit behind her husband in creating wickedness, for she manipulated the very fountain of life, until she had created new forms of beings dedicated to evil and the destruction of mankind. From this time, sickness and disease began to spread among the sons of men, bringing sorrow and death upon them.

6. Our hearts were filled with sorrow as we watched the doings of Timnor and Ammah and their brethren, for they were led ever deeper into the depravity of a fallen world. Nevertheless, they came not near the Land of Cainan, nor were their abominations introduced among us, for we walked in the ways of the Eloheim and strove to raise our children in light and truth. We taught our children the commandments which we had been given by Jehovah in the Garden and led them in observing the times of worship and the fasts and feasts of Jehovah the Lord. Every seventh day on the first day of the week, we ascended the hill Ramiah to the Cave of Treasures where we worshipped before the face of Jehovah and instructed our children in the principles of His gospel.

7. Thus our days passed in quiet happiness except when we thought of Cain and Timnor and Ammah and their brethren who walked in darkness because they would not receive the Light. Thus we prayed unto Jehovah our Eloheim for mercy upon our children that a remnant might be preserved who would be true to the covenant which we had received. And the world of Jehovah came unto us saying, Behold, your seed shall stand until the end of the earth, for at the end of time a remnant will come forth from among your seed who will bear off the kingdom triumphant and establish my Zion, for the same Holy Order which existeth among you will exist among them at the end of the world. Then in vision I was the generations of our children stretching unto the end of time and I saw the remnant who should be preserved to prepare the world for the coming of the Lord in glory. Then I saw my people in their midst, for we rejoiced together in the grace of Jehovah through the merits of his Only Begotten Son that wickedness will be swept from the earth and the earth will become the abode of the Eloheim. Our souls expanded as we saw these glorious things and we rejoiced before the Lord Jehovah who is the Savior of His people, yea, even all those who put their trust in him. Amen.


1. AS our children grew to maturity and spread abroad throughout the plain of Olaha Shinehah, the people of Cain and the People of Timnor began to come in upon them, driving off their flocks and herds, stealing the produce of their gardens and fields and killing any who sought to prevent them. Behold, most of our children who remained in the land followed the teachings of their parents not to fight, even when attacked by their brethren who had gone astray and worshipped the Lie, or the workmanship of their own hands. Therefore, they applied unto us for relief, for neither the people of Cain nor the people of Timnor dare to come into the heart of the land to attack the Holy City where the Fathers dwelt.

2. When the supplications of our children came up before us, we ascended the Hill Tamiah unto the Cave of Treasures where we appeared before the mercy Seat to seek guidance of Jehovah our Eloheim. Yea, we let our hearts and minds flow together in one before Jehovah that we might part the veil to receive His word. And the word of Jehovah came unto us saying, Arise and take all your children who will follow you unto a land which I shall show you, a land of beauty, a land fair to behold, where ye will be blessed and multiplied and protected against the power of your enemies, for I will hedge up the way against them that they shall not discover you while ye remain in righteousness. Go to, now, and I shall go before you and I will be your rearward, and your children shall know that the power of Jehovah is mighty to save. Then we rejoiced before the Lord Jehovah and we descended the hill to bear this glad news unto our children.

3. Six times passed the moon through its phases while we prepared our people for this great journey, until the Day of Trumpets, the day which Jehovah had appointed, when all who would follow us had gathered together to the Holy City and were prepared to be led whithersoever Jehovah would guide us. Many of our children came not, being determined to fight for their homes and their goods, but we knew it was better to follow Jehovah into the wilderness than to violate the Law of Love in order to possess our property.

4. Many days we traveled through wild and virgin land until we came to a beautiful valley, and the presence of Jehovah ceased to go before us for His voice came unto us saying, This is the land which I have consecrated unto my people that they should dwell thereon in holiness. Therefore did we call the land Shulon because it was consecrated unto us by Jehovah. Then we worshipped the Lord Jehovah and praised the glory of His might who preserveth His people from the power of all their enemies.

5. In the one hundred and thirtieth year, a son was born unto us in Shulon, and we called his name Seth because he was appointed of the Eloheim to stand in the place of his brother Abel. And Seth grew up unto Jehovah, walking in the footsteps of Abel, his brother, and of his Fathers who taught the way of heaven. Moreover, his appearance was like unto that of his Fathers, for he could be distinguished from me only by his age.

6. Behold, Seth followed not after the ways of the fall, but walked in holiness from his youth, glorifying the name of Jehovah his God magnifying the Lord in his soul. Wherefore, Seth became a great preacher of righteousness, declaring the plan of redemption through Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, and many of his brethren and sisters began to follow after him in observing the ways of the Lord Jehovah. Thus did the Holy Order of God begin to be raised up again among our children and the powers of the Eternal Priesthood were manifested in their midst. Wherefore, we rejoiced in the mercies of the Eloheim, in the evidence of their long-suffering and patience toward the children of men in leading them to the power of salvation and endless lives.


1. THE record of Corint the Scribe, which he wrote concerning the doings of his fathers from the time when they departed from the land of Cainan to build a great city in the land of Haner until Corint himself, hearing the preaching of my Father Noah, was converted unto the Lord Jehovah and came to dwell with the remnant of believers until he died firm in the faith of the Son of God. I, Shem, have appended this record of Corint to the Book of Generations of Adam, for it showeth the power of darkness upon the hearts of the children of men and the love of God toward His children, even when they are lost in iniquity.

2. I, Corint, am the son of Selah, the son of Arphaxed, the son of Gorun of the family of Lukas, the son of Timnor and Ammah who came forth from the Land of Cainan, the land of our First Fathers, because they chose not to live according to the Order of the Ancients. In this they were left free to follow the desires of their own hearts, although their course was evil in the sight of the Eloheim, for the Lord Jehovah hath made each man free to choose good or evil that by his own works he may be judged.

3. Thus Timnor and Ammah followed not in the righteous way of their Parents who had come out from the Garden, but built a great city of wickedness in which they did practice abominations of every kind, for they knew no law but that of their own creating and they sought only to serve themselves.

4. In the process of time, six sons were born unto Timnor and Ammah, even Teshuesh who was expert in all the ways of governing men, keeping them subject to his will, and he did become a king over the people; and Coriantumr who sought to know the meaning of existence, leading a group of the people in searching for the Unknown God, and they were called the Mysterfiers; and Gringos who followed in the ways of his father Timnor, for he was expert with every type of machine and created many marvelous works for the service of mankind; and Tranter who learned the ways of his mother Ammah, for he did manipulate the very nature of man and best to create new forms which God had not ordained; and Lukas who was a man learned in all the learning of his people, who traveled far abroad amongst all the children of Adam, learning of their ways and gathering their knowledge home to his people where he created a great center of learning to which multitudes came to inquire after the knowledge of Lukas; and the sixth son of Timnor and Ammah was Samos.

5. It came to pass, as the people of Haner continued in their wicked ways, that the judgments of the Eloheim began to fall upon them, for even in the second generation, their lives were cut short through the evils of their doings, so that their days were few and full of trouble. Nevertheless, except for the Mysterfiers, who were few in number, they turned not unto the Eloheim in their time of trouble, but unto the wisdom of their learned men. And in the seventieth year before the Great Dispersion, the people rose up in anger because of the plagues with which they were cursed, and took the king Teshuehs and slew him because he did not free them from he plagues, and they chose Seth the son of Lukas, a man known for his great wisdom to reign in his stead.

6. At that time, Abamah, the son of Teshuesh, who had become on of the Mysterfiers and had been chosen as their high priest, came forth and rebuked the people, for he climbed upon the great tower which was in the center of the City of Haner, and he cried with a loud voice, and his words were carried through their devices into every place among all the people. Wherefore, Abamah said unto them, Hear my words, O ye people of iniquity, for ye follow not in the ways of Eloheim of heaven, but the evil of your own doings hath brought your sufferings upon you. Yea, ye work those works which are forbidden because they bring only death and destruction, and ye boast in the greatness of your power, but you power is dust and ye would leave the whole earth desolate if the Lord God were not to intervene. But the Lord is over all, and He shall bring an end to all your works, for when your iniquity is full, the Lord will bring in a flood upon the earth which shall cover every abomination and wash the earth from all iniquity. Repent, therefore, and turn unto the Lord God of heaven and earth, that ye may not die but may live forever through the merits of His Son. Yea, for thus did our First Fathers teach, that the Son of the Eloheim should come into the world to redeem the people from their sins, and so did my master Coriantumr teach me, for he journeyed even to the Land of Shulon to sit at the feet of Adam, our First Father, to learn the Way of Salvation, and he did obtain a Priesthood, that the powers of salvation might be in the midst of this people. Therefore, repent, every on of you of your iniquities, and come forward to be baptized in the name of the Only Begotten Son of God for the remission of your sins that ye may receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost.

7. Nevertheless, the people were angry with Abamah because he boldly testified against their iniquities, and they would have slain him, but his disciples plucked him from the top of the tower and bore him away to a place of refuge. And Abamah came no more to testify among the people, but he instructed many disciples who bore the message of salvation throughout the land and many souls were added to the number of the believers.

8. Preeminent among the disciples of Abamh was Palai, the son of Samos, the son of Timnor and Ammah. This Palai became high priest of the Mysterfiers after the death of Abama. It was during his days that the Mysterfiers built their great temple in the city of Haner, for Palai came forth to minister among the people. Yea, he went even into the presence of the king Coram, son of Seth, the son of Lukas and denounced the iniquity of the people, for King Doram had declared a great festival at which he could be proclaimed god of the universe and his people the lord of creation. But Palai rebuked him saying, Thou abomination, thou shalt lie as one dead for twenty years, yet thou shalt know all that transpireth about thee and thy followers shall be unable to revive thee, that thou mayest serve as a witness of the judgments of God against this people. And for twenty years, King Coram lay as though he were dead and all their wise doctors could not revive him.

9. And there arose a division among the people as to whether Coram should be retained as King. Now the son of Coram was named Abel, and when he saw the judgments of the Eloheim upon his father, he repented of his wickedness which his father had taught him and went to Palai to become his disciple. And in process of time, Abel became high priest in the place of Palai, and he went to his father's court to teach the people the Way of Life. But there began to be a dissension among the people and Canaan, the son of Pharaxes, the son of Gringos, rose up against Abel and the Mysterfiers seeking their destruction. The forces of Canaan were great for many of the people delighted in wickedness, and it came to pass that twelve years before the Great Dispersion, Canaan did enter the palace of Coram and killed him upon his bed where he had lain for twenty years as though he were dead and Canaan had himself proclaimed king over all the land.

10. Then did Abel and his people flee into the mountains where they had prepared a city in the heart of the mount which they called Palai and there they did establish a society according to the pattern of the First Fathers as it was recorded in the book of Abamah, for they held all things common and dwelt together in love and peace, maintaining unity with the angels and glorifying the Eloheim. And because the people of Abel were faithful to the word of Jehovah and dwelt apart, they were spared when the Great Dispersion came upon the people.

11. For it came to pass in the days of Canaan the king, the wickedness of the people of Haner grew so great that every man was against his neighbor, lovers only of themselves, and even those of a man's own household would destroy him to get gain for their own pleasure. Wherefore, there began to be civil strife throughout the land and everything was in chaos. Then did the Eloheim raise up prophets in the midst of the people, even Abdim the son of Coriantumr, the son of Timnor and Ammah and Conan, the son of Peshar, the son of Lakan of the House of Morenah, and Nimrod, the son of King Canaan. Now the people were angry with these three because they did plainly denounce their sins; wherefore all the people, of whatever faction, sought to destroy them, but the power of the Eloheim preserved them through many dangers until they had delivered their message throughout the land. Then these three men of God were taken by the soldiers of the king and brought into his presence, who denounced them before all the people, for the vision of it was carried throughout his domain, and Abdim he slew with his own sword and Conan he consigned to the flames, all for the amusement of his people, but Nimrod he cast into prison because he was his own son and he would have persuaded him to renounce the Mysterfiers and take up his kingdom.

12. But behold, in that night, an angel stood by Nimrod as he prayed in the prison, who said unto him, Be of good courage, Nimrod, thou man of God, for this night shalt thou see the deliverance of the Eloheim, for I shall lead thee from this prison and from the top of the Hill Timnor thou shalt watch this whole palace turn to dust as a witness against King Canaan and his abominations. Then the angel, taking Nimrod by the hand, conveyed him to the top of the Hill Timnor which overlooked the City of Haner. And behold, a bright light shone from heaven, illuminating the whole palace of King Canaan, and a mighty noise from heaven shook the air, and where the palace had been there was only dust. Then the angel spake saying, Thus shall be the end of all who walk in the ways of darkness, and taking Nimrod by the hand, he carried him to the City of Palai where he became a disciple of Abel, learning from him the mysteries of the Ancients that he might enter into the life of the Eloheim. And when Abel died, Nimrod became high priest of the Mysterfiers, showing them the Way of Life and Salvation.

13. Nevertheless, King Canaan was absent from his palace when it was destroyed, for he was in a place where he resorted to celebrate because of the death of the prophets. And he repented not of his iniquity, neither did his people; wherefore, no man's life was safe, nor his possession. And it came to pass, in the tenth year of the reign of Canaan that a war broke out among the people, and marauding armies devastated the land. For two years, the people suffered under great desolations, as one army, then Anoght gained dominion over various parts of the land. At the end of two years, there was destruction everywhere, and the people began to flee into the wilderness to escape the wrath which had fallen upon them, until only a small number remained with King Canaan in the ruins of the City of Haner. And the only city which remained was the City of Palai, for the Lord Jehovah blessed the people of Abel that they prospered and remained at peace.

14. From this time, the people began to count their years before and after the Great Dispersion, for then were all things changed.


1. THE people of the City of Palai waxed great for the blessings of Jehovah were upon them; their pastors declared the word of the Eloheim and the disciples hearkened unto their teachers and lived according to the Holy Order of God. Yea, all the days of Nimrod were the Mysterfiers diligent to do all that their prophets had taught them, and they did spread abroad from the City of Palai, preaching the gospel of salvation through the name of Jesus Christ who should come, so that many of those who had been scattered in the Great Dispersion harkened to the word of the Eloheim, coming down in humility and contrition to be baptized in the name of Jesus, that they might receive the remission of their sins and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Thus did the Mysterfiers become great and powerful, and great wealth flowed into the City of Palai.

2. But it came to pass that after the death of Nimrod, Aziz, the son of Hombre, the son of Corono of the House of Coriantumr, the son of Timnor and Ammah became High Priest of the Mysterfiers. Now Aziz was mighty in preaching and touching the hearts of the children of men, but he gloried in power and in riches; wherefore he led the people astray into priestcraft and idolatry. Yea, the more part of the people began to lust after the riches of men and to forsake the riches of eternity, for only a few remained humble, calling upon the name of Jehovah, and even these began to be persecuted by their haughty brethren because they were, the more part of them, the poor and downtrodden. For the people of Palai had forsaken the Holy Order of God and each possessed his own lands and goods so that there began again to be poor among the people.

3. Then did the Spirit of Jehovah fall upon Zildah, the daughter of Phanuel, the daughter of Mikal of the House of Phillias who dwelt in the City of Haner. And she did stand up to declare the iniquities of the people, entering even into the palace of Adam, the son of Toneros, the son of Salmon of the House of Teshuesh, the son of Timnor and Ammah who reigned in the City of Haner, crying repentance unto the people. But they laughed her to scorn, driving her from the palace. Then entered Zildah into the marketplace each day crying repentance to all who would hear. Few there were who hearkened unto her words, but these few met together often to read the holy scriptures and speak to one another of the hope of salvation through the grace of the Only Begotten Son of God.

4. Then stood up Zildah the Prophetess as the believers met together and spake unto them saying, Hear the work of the Lord, O ye who believe in His name; salvation cannot come unto you except ye are brought down in penitence, confessing your sins and forsaking them, that ye may enter the waters of baptism and be baptized with fire and the Holy Ghost. Verily I say unto you, these baptisms cannot come unto you except one among you be ordained unto this power, to minister salvation to the souls of men. Therefore, let my daughter Zildah go up to the Land of Shulon unto the First Fathers to receive from them a Priesthood which is eternal, entering into the Mysteries of the Ancients, that she may be redeemed from the Fall. Verily I say unto you, through the Fall came sin into the world, and through sin cometh death, but I shall send mine own Son after the manner of the flesh to be the messiah, for He shall come with healing in His wings, to overcome the power of the Fall, to offer Life to all mankind. Yea, he is the Light and the Life of the world, even the Eternal God, for in Him shall the fullness of the Godhead dwell bodily. Therefore, let my daughter Zildah go unto the Fathers to enter into the mysteries of the Messiah and receive His redeeming, saving power, saith the Lord God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. Amen.

5. Then did all the disciples rejoice in the word of the Eloheim and they spread abroad the message of grace and peace through Jesus Christ, for some began to hear the word and come down in the depths of Humility to be baptized for the remission of their sins. And Zildah chose Luia the sister of King Adam to be a pastor unto the people, for Luia was exemplary among the believers, excelling in wisdom and compassion and the understanding of the holy scriptures. Then departed Zildah from the land to go up to the Land of Shulon unto the First Fathers, to obtain a Priesthood for her people which should be pure and undefiled, a Priesthood with the power of sanctification and Eternal Lives.

6. And it came to pass after two years when King Adam died, that his sister Luia and her husband Noah were appointed to rule over the people of the City of Haner. Yea, Queen Luia and King Noah were devoted to the word of the Eloheim and they did govern their people in equity and truth. Under their government, the land began to be reunited and many of those who had been scattered in the Great Dispersion united again with the people of Haner. And they were taught in all the ways of the Eloheim and became a prosperous and righteous people before the Lord Jehovah. But the people of Palai went on in their iniquities, seeking gain for themselves, and they entered into an alliance with the people of Cain, and Cain, that Son of Darkness who had become Perdition, entered into the temple in the City of Palai where he ministered in them mysteries of darkness, showing himself to be god through satanic powers. And the people of Palai waxed greater and greater in iniquity, uniting in secret combinations for power.

7. It came to pass, ten years after her departure from the City of Haner that Zildah the Prophetess returned from the Land of Shulon bearing the Priesthood of the Fathers in behalf of her people. Then were the disciples glad, for the Lord ministered in their midst and they were raised up to commune with the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn and to enter into heavenly places while yet in the flesh. For Zildah entered into the temple in the City of Haner which had been built by Palai and his disciples, and she did stand forth with Zueen Luia and King Noah before all the believers, sanctifying the temple to be the House of the Eloheim, cleansing and rededicating it after the Order of the Ancients. Then did the people rejoice in the grace of Jehovah who saveth His people, opening before them the Way of the Eloheim.

8. The blessings of the Eloheim rested upon Zildah the Prophetess and Queen Luia, for they did govern their people for many years, leading them in the Way of Righteousness. And it came to pass, that after many years, Father Seth and Father Enos did visit the people and bless them with the blessings of the Fathers, even the Ancients of Days. And all the People of Haner rejoiced together in the power of the Holy Ghost and glorified the name of the Eloheim.


1. IT came to pass after the passage of many years, that King Noah died, and he passed from the earth, firm in the faith of the Son of the Only Begotten of the Father who is full of grace and truth; wherefore, we know that he entered the Paradise of God to await that great day when the just shall rise to reign with him upon the earth according to the promises of the holy prophets. Zildah the Prophetess also died, but prior to her death, she called Nimrod the son of Agoria, the son of Honato of the House of Samos, the son of Timnor and Ammah to preside as Patriarch among the Mysterfiers. Nimrod was a righteous man who loved Jehovah, his Eloheim, and rejoiced in the Mysteries of the Ancients whereby the power of salvation is kindled in the souls of men. Wherefore, Nimrod did preach reformation among the people of Haner, continually calling them back to that pure order of life which had been taught by the Fathers from the beginning. Canaan, also, the son of Seth, the son of King Adam, who, with Zueen Luia, did rule the people of Haner, was a mighty preacher of righteousness, leading the people in the ways of the Eloheim.

2. Now, the people of Haner did wax mighty in power over the forces of the earth; wherefore, they did amass great wealth, even gold and silver and pearls and precious metals and gems of every kind. Nevertheless, they did not covet wealth for their own profit, but they did hold all things in common and did use their wealth to beautify their temples and give glory to the Eloheim. But the people of Palai, who had entered into covenant with Perdition, submitting to those oaths of secrecy whereby they might murder and commit all manner of iniquity to get gain, were desirous of obtaining the wealth of the people of Haner. Therefore, they did come down in a mighty army against the city to take the people into slavery and possess the fruits of their labors. But they understood not that the Lord Jehovah would protect his people, for king Canaan, having the gift of prophecy, foresaw the iniquity of the people of Palai; wherefore, he directed his people in erecting great barriers of power around the city of Haner, so that none could pass into the city without the consent of the inhabitants thereof. Neither could any missile penetrate the forces which surrounded the city.

3. Thus were the people of Palai amazed, when they came upon the city of Haner, for all their devices could do no harm to the inhabitants of the city who remained secure behind their fortifications. Nevertheless, the people of Palai were expert in many devices, and there was one among them, even Leboa the daughter of Tamar, the daughter of Rachel of the House of Onesima, who devised a sword of light which penetrated the wall of defense around the city of Haner and began to drain the power from the wall. When the people of Haner saw this, they were in great consternation, but Queen Luia stood up in the midst of the people, and notwithstanding she was bowed down with age, she exhorted them to faith in the Lord Jehovah who would preserve his people from the wicked ones. Then united all the people in fasting and prayer, and King Canaan did enter with Nimrod the High Priest into the Holy of Holies where they did pray unto the Eloheim; yea, even from three days were they offering up their prayer while the people prayed without in the temple.

4. And on the third day, when they emerged from the Holy of Holies, Nimrod the High Priest rose up before all the people and exclaimed, Behold, this day shall ye see the salvation of the Eloheim, for they shall come forth in power against the servants of darkness, and all people shall know that Jehovah, the Lord of All, is El Shaddai, whose sword is mightier than all the weapons of men. Trust in the Eloheim; know that they forsake not those who walk in the Way, for in all things, the Eloheim shall be with you until ye rest in their bosoms at the end of time. Then Nimrod and Canaan and Luia and all the people stood with their arms raised to heaven, and from their hands flashed streams of fire. And where the wall surrounding their city had almost disappeared, another wall arose in its place, reaching even unto heaven and the weapons of the sons of darkness could not penetrate it nor weaken it, for the power of the Eloheim was therein, and the power of Light is greater than the force of darkness forever.

5. Then caused the Lord Jehovah to fall upon the people of Palai a plague, and they were sore discomforted, for their priest could do nothing to alleviate the plague. Wherefore, the army of Palai dispersed in confusion and when they returned to their city, they overthrew Coran the son of Lamech who reigned over the secret combination, but they ceased not from their iniquities, for they continued to serve idol gods and powers of darkness, consorting with evil spirits and devils and seeking power over the Light.

6. But the people of Haner, when they saw how the Lord Jehovah delivered them, observed a great period of rejoicing, for they did sing and dance and feast before the Eloheim for seven days, rejoicing in the saving power of El Shaddai whose power of their God, to look upon the great wall which he had erected about their city and to retell the tales of His deliverance.

7. Now, shortly after the defeat of the people of Palai, Queen Luia died, rejoicing in her salvation, for she had seen her Savior and received from Him the promise of Eternal Lives. And King Canaan with the High Priest Nimrod continued to lead the people in righteousness. And they did dwell in peace, for all the lands round about had heard how the Lord had discomforted the army of Palai, and they said one to another, Let us go not up against the people of Haner, for the Gods of that people are mighty who protect them against all powers which come against. And many in the land round about joined themselves to the people of Haner and the land prospered and the people dwelt in joy and the powers of heaven. And many of the disciples journeyed up to the land of Shulon to commune with the Ancients, entering into the mysteries of the Church of the Firstborn and returning to bless the people of Haner with the powers of heaven.


1. IT came to pass that ten years passed away after the defeat of the armies of the Land of Palai by the force of El Shaddai, and people of the Land of Haner began to forget the salvation of their God, for they began to be caught up again in the ways of the world, seeking after riches and gain for themselves; nevertheless, they followed not after the ways of the evil combination whereby they murder and steal to obtain for themselves the labors of others men's hands. But the people of Haner did seek to excel in the goods of the world, each striving to possess that which was above his neighbor. Even in the church of Christ which had been established throughout the land, the spirit of possessiveness and the worship of riches took hold of the hearts and minds of the people, such that many of them worshipped the Lord God with their mouths, but their hearts were far from Him and they established their own ways in place of the Holy Law.

2. But in the tenth year, on the first day of the Festival of the Victory, when multitudes were gathered in the City of Haner to celebrate the destruction of the armies of Palai and the salvation of the city, it came to pass the High Priest Nimrod did stand forth in the midst of the people on the steps of the temple and call upon them to repent and return to the ways of the Lord Jehovah. And these are the words which he spake unto them.

3. My people, Ye know that on this day, ten years past, the power of the Highest was manifested in the salvation of our city from the powers of darkness which had come against it with the armies of Palai. Yea, that great city of Palai which was built as a refuge for the believers in the True God and that Ancient Order which we have received from our first Parents hath become the abode of devils and the evil forces even now conspire therein to destroy all who follow after the Light. But the power of El Shaddai is greater than all the cunning of the forces of darkness and they cannot prevail over us while we remain firm in the covenant of the Eloheim.

4. Nevertheless, O my people, a great danger lieth before this people who have been so highly favored of the Lord Jehovah, for just as the holiest of cities, Palai, hath become the abode of devils, so may any and every man fall into the pits of darkness if he cleaveth to unto the word of the Eloheim. Even so hath darkness begun to invade this land, for many of you follow after riches rather than after the power of Elyon El, the Savior of His people. Ye love to be seen in the assemblies of the righteous, but your hearts are set upon your wealth ad ye spurn those who have not. Yea, ye say that they are sinners because the Lord hath not blessed them with the same abundance as ye have. ye see not that the Eloheim hath made you stewards over what hath been placed in your hands that ye might use it to bless the Lord of Spirits.

5. Verily I ask of you, my children, will the Lord Jehovah bless you in this thing? Nay, for ye show not that love which is the embodiment of the Eloheim, for where love is not evident, there the Spirit of the Eloheim abideth not. This whole people is in jeopardy because of the wickedness of love of self and worship of possessions which hath entered among you. think ye that the power of El Shaddai could be exercised in your behalf today as it was at the time of the Great Victory? Verily I say unto you, nay, for the power is not in you, and Lord of Glory cannot put that power into flawed vessels.

6. Think ye, my children, that ye can go your own ways and then turn to the powers of heaven in your need, and they will be able to work through you? Nay, but ye must return to that way of life which ye followed at the time of the Great Victory, or the powers of darkness will yet come against you and ye shall be overcome of them because your hearts are not right with Jehovah your Eloheim. When our parents first came into this land, they were a lost and fallen people, for they regarded not the might of El Shaddai but gloried in the might of their own arms, for they were mighty in perversions of the right way, but when some of their children repented and turned to the Lord of Salvation, they were accepted of Him and the way was opened before them that they might return unto Him. For the Lord Jehovah loveth all His children and He hath prepared the way for their repentance and salvation through the merits of His own Son who shall come to save the people were raised up in this land who could receive the powers of heaven and we were saved in the day of battle, the day of YHYH SABAOTH.

7. Turn you, my people; turn again unto the ways of Jehovah, that ye may again be a delightsome people before Him, for the powers of heaven have dwindled in you until your mortal souls are in danger of perishing, your nation destroyed, and your spirits suffering the fires of hell because of your transgressions. Turn you unto Jehovah, your Eloheim and put far from you the love of riches and the trampling of your fellowman. Renew in you that Holy Order which our First Parents established among themselves from the time when they were in the Garden unto this day, that Holy Order which is followed by holy men who walk in the Way and shall be unto the end. consecrate your substance unto the Lord that there may be neither rich nor poor among you. Be united with your brethren that your hearts and minds may be one, that they may be one with the Anointed, that having put on His mind, ye may see as ye are seen and know as ye are known. Dwell in righteousness, walking in the holy Law, that the Eloheim may be in your midst, that ye may not be destroyed in the day of tribulation.

8. Yea, my people, come unto the feast of Jehovah, for he hath prepared a feast of fat things for those who abide in His covenant. Know ye that the day of judgment is at hand, when He shall separate His wheat from the tares, and those whose hearts are not found in the service of the Highest shall be known. Repent, and come unto the son, renewing in your souls the Light of His salvation, that ye may not be lost at that day. Amen.

9. The power of the words of the High Priest Nimrod pierced the hearts of many in the assembly and there was a great reformation throughout all the land of Haner, for the word was carried throughout the land and the priests and teachers did exhort the Church in every quarter according to the words of Nimrod, that there might be a great renewal in the covenant. And I will show you hereafter that all the words of Nimrod, that mighty man of the Eloheim, were fulfilled, for there soon came a great day of judgment upon the people, and those who had placed their faith in the God of heaven were preserved while those who continued in the corruption of their own minds were subject to the dark forces which came against them, and the power of the Eloheim was made manifest for all to see. Amen.


1. IT came to pass that Nimrod the son of Agoria, the high Priest after the Holy Order of the Eloheim, waxed old and died, having spent his days in the service of Jehovah, having fought a good fight against the powers of darkness, leading his people to repentance and renewal in the Light. And it came to pass that Indrush, the son of Nimrod, was chosen High Priest in his stead, he having been a follower of righteousness from his youth, and having stood against the powers of evil and set an example worthy of imitation. the wife of Indrush was Lytish, the daughter of Canaan the king. She, too, was a devotee of the Holy Order of the Eloheim, full of the power of the Holy Ghost, a mighty preacher of righteousness.

2. Nine years after the death of Nimrod, King Canaan also passed into the world of spirits, having spent his days in the service of the Most High. Prior to his death, he had proclaimed Lytish and Indrush as the rulers of the people, and they did reign in righteousness in the name of Jehovah their Eloheim. Nevertheless, the more part of the people had become an hardhearted and a stiff-necked people, slow to hearken to the word of Jehovah. Yea, they did pervert the Way of the Eloheim, following after lasciviousness and every form of vice, even erecting idol gods, the workmanship of their own hands, to justify them in their iniquities. For there was no law governing what a person could believe, but Indrush and Lytish did labor with them in the power of the Eloheim, proclaiming the word of Jehovah and calling upon the people to repent and turn to the true and living Savior.

3. Nevertheless, the more part of the people rejected the words of their rulers and would not that they should reign over them, for they would have leaders after their own hearts. Therefore, they did conspire together to overthrow the government of the land, and they did enter into covenant with the people of the City of Palai, taking upon themselves that combination which had been handed down from Cain, whereby they might murder and steal and get gain. But Pagag, a servant of Indrush, was privy to their plans, for his brother was a leader of the insurrection, and Pagag was paid to kill the queen and king and was promised great rewards for so doing. Pagag, however, went to the king and disclosed all their secret plains as they had been made known to him, and the king and queen consulted with their counselors, what they should do in this matter.

4. Now, they could see that they were in dangerous circumstances, for the majority of the people had become enemies to righteousness. Therefore, Indrush, the High Priest, did enter into the Holy of Holies, and there did call upon the name of the Lord Jehovah, that he might know the will of the Eloheim in behalf of his people. And the voice of Jehovah spake unto him from between the cherubim, saying.

5. Hear me, O Indrush, mine anger is kindled against this people, for they are lost in iniquity and have sold their souls to evil. yea, their hearts are hardened against the truth. They trample upon the poor and think themselves happy because of their great riches, but all these things shall be taken from them in a day, for I shall remove all traces of them from the face of the earth. Take those who will stand in my covenant, saith the Lord, and depart from this place, for no many days hence, this city shall no longer encumber the earth. yea, gather thy people, those whose hearts are pure, and go unto the land of the Fathers, where I will bless you greatly, and when I shall lead you back unto this land, it shall be unto you again a land of promise which shall be choice unto you and your seed after you, for herein will the power of the holy gospel be poured out upon your seed in mighty strength. Behold, I am Jesus Christ, your Savior and your Redeemer; wherefore, follow me, my people, and ye shall not be destroyed, but ye shall inherit Eternal joy. Amen.

6. Then Indrush, the High Priest, gathered together the people of the Church, those whose hearts were firm in the covenant of Jehovah, and instructed them to gather together their families and their goods, those they could carry with them, and to prepare their vehicles to depart from the cursed city, for, saith he, soon falleth the anger of El Shaddai upon this place, and naught shall be left to bear witness thereof. On the fifteenth day of the First Month it came to pass that King Indrush and Queen Lytish led their people forth, and it was on the eve of the day which the evil combination had set for their destruction and the destruction of all those who would not join their abomination. And those evil ones, when they awoke to find the people of God fled from their midst, followed after them, but the power of El Shaddai stopped their host and turned them back, those who survived, unto their city again. And not many days thence, the judgments of Elyon El were poured out on the City of Haner, that where it had stood there remained naught to testify to its existence, and thus is the end of all those who enter into covenant with the powers of darkness to fight against the Holy Ones of Heaven.


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