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The Writings of Abraham 1

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The Writings of Abraham

from the papyri found in Egypt 1831

part 1

chapter 1 - 79


BEHOLD my son, I have caused to come into thine hands a fragment of the writings of Abraham in which he hath left a record of his sojourn among men and of the blessings of the Lord unto him. This I have brought to thee that thou might restore that which is lost that the fullness of the record in its original purity might be found again among the sons of God.

2. Behold, these things are sacred, wherefore, send them not forth unto the children of men but let them be for the edification of the elect that your hearts may be turned unto the Fathers and ye may draw close to them and they to you.

3. Thus will the veil be withdrawn and ye will commune with the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn and shall even be ushered back unto my presence.

4. Go to now and do this work which I have placed in thine hands. Amen.


I, Abraham, was born the son of Terah who was Prime Minister to Nimrod who reigned in Ur of the Chaldeans.

2. Now this Nimrod was a wicked man and an idolater and my father (Terah) was led to follow after his abominations.

3. Moreover, Nimrod was a man of mighty power for he was Master Mahan and had in his hands the secrets of the ancients as they had come down from Cain wherein he knew the words of power and the signs for using them and he had the holy garments which had been given unto Adam in the garden in which was great power.

4. All of this power did Nimrod use to get gain after the manner of the secret combination.

5. With his power he had set out to build a tower which would reach to heaven, even the city of my father Enoch which had been taken up, that he, Nimrod, might depose God from his throne for God had taken up his abode among the people of Enoch.

6. But God frustrated the plans of Nimrod by confounding the language of him and his people that they could no longer remember the sacred words and they scattered forth over the face of the earth.

7. At that time Nimrod came and established the city of Ur which is the City of Light, for he yet retained his determination to build a city to rival the city of God that the light and power might center in him.

8. And through the ministration of Satan he did receive again some of the words of power and did reorganize the secret combination among his people; but he had not power as at the first for the fullness of the pure language was not restored to him according to the decree of the Most High God.

9. Now, in all the wickedness of Nimrod, my father stood by his side for he was deceived by the subtle cunning and power which Nimrod possessed.


MY father Terah was the son of Nahor and Nahor was the son of Serug and Serug was the son of Reu and Reu was the son of Peleg in whose days the earth was divided.

2. Peleg was the son of Eber who was the son of Eber who was the son of Salah who was the son of Arphaxad the son of Shem, who was Melchizedek, which by interpretation is king priest, for he was a king and a priest of the Most High God.


NOAH was the son of Lamech, the son of Methuselah, the son of Enoch, who was taken up with his city that they might minister unto those in the flesh who sought a higher law than was available to them on the earth.

2. Now the birth of Noah was after this manner: While his father Lamech was journeying toward his home from preaching the gospel among the sons of men, most of whom had rejected his testimony, an angel of the Lord appeared unto him and saluted him, saying, Hail Lamech, thou favored one of God, for according to the promise of the Lord God to thy father Enoch, thou hast been chosen to be father to him though whom the seed of the Gods will be preserved through the great flood which the Gods will send upon the earth in judgment, for all the sons of men have gone astray through the corruptions of those angels who fell from among the Gods and mingled their seed with the daughters of men and begat sons of great strength and mighty wickedness.

3. Yea, these have caused all flesh to corrupt their way before the Lord; wherefore they shall be destroyed, save thy son who shall be the seed of the angels.


THE mother of Noah was also the daughter of Methuselah for Lamech and his wife had the same father but different mothers.

2. And when Noah was born, his body was full of light, which thing caused great consternation to his father and mother and his father's wives and children and all his house.

3. Moreover, the child stood upon his feet when he had come forth from the womb and his tongue was loosed and he did sing praises unto the Lord saying, I will praise thee, O Lord, for thou art the source of all power, yea, the wellspring whence it floweth unto the sons of God, and thou art also abounding in wisdom and great and mighty counsel unto thy servants.

4. Nevertheless, though thou art a God who is long-suffering in judgment, the sins of the children of men have come up before thy face and thy fury hath waxed strong and will be visited with judgments upon the earth.

5. Thy mercies, O Lord, are beyond number, but thou art a God that visiteth wrongdoing upon the children of men who the fullness of their iniquity hath come upon them.

6. Therefore shall the earth be destroyed according to the word of God which cannot fail.

7. For the waters of the flood shall come upon the earth and all things shall perish from before thy face, O Lord.

8. Nevertheless, in thee do we put our trust for in whatsoever thou doest, O Lord, thou hast ever done justly. Amen.


THESE things were a source of amazement and concern unto Lamech who thereupon went unto his father, Methuselah, and finding him in the temple he said, My father, this day did my wife, they daughter, bear a man-child.

2. And at his birth the room was full of light so that we could not look upon him and when we could look upon him, behold, the child's hair was white and fire seemed to come from his eyes and then he stood upon his feet and sang a hymn of praise unto the Lord and lo, he seemed to have the tongue of an angel.

3. Tell me now the meaning of these things and how can I raise such a son?


HEARING these words, Methuselah, too, was troubled and said, Fear not, my son, for although I know now the meaning of these things, I will go unto my father, Enoch, for he is privy to the angels and he will be able to explain all things to us.

2. Whereupon, Methuselah traveled to the top of the highest mountain whence he could speak unto his father, Enoch, and he said unto him, My father, my daughter, who is the wife of my son Lamech, hath this day brought forth a man-child.

3. And at his birth the room was full of light so that they could not look upon him and when they could look upon him, Behold the child's hair was white and fire seemed to come from his eyes and then he stood upon his feet and sang a hymn of praise unto the Lord and lo, he seemed to have the tongue of an angel.

4. Thus saith my son Lamech, who is greatly perplexed as to the meaning of these things and how he can raise such a son.


HEARING this report, Enoch comforted his son Methuselah, saying, Fear not, my son, nor fret thyself about this matter for did not a holy angel visit thy son Lamech and tell him that this should be the seed of the angels? And was it not so?

2. For this cause have these things happened; but on the eighth day when the child is circumcised, he shall be covered and shall appear as other men except that his hair shall remain white as a token that through him the Lord will do a mighty work.

3. This word did Methuselah return to his son Lamech and he was comforted.


AND on the eighth day when the child was circumcised, he was covered that he became as other men except that his hair remained white and they called his name Noah, which by interpretation is comfort, because, Lamech said, Mine heart is comforted to know that my seed shall be preserved through the great flood.


AND the child grew and waxed strong in wisdom and mighty in the power of the priesthood for he was initiated into the Order of the Ancients in his childhood and learned the rites and ordinances and the powers of the priesthood with the signs and tokens and key words wherewith he could call upon the powers of heaven to combat the forces of the adversary.

2. And when he was come of age, he took twelve wives and begat many sons and daughters who grew up in righteousness and served the Lord all their days and some died and others were caught up unto the city of Enoch.

3. But in the next generation they corrupted themselves, for the daughters of Noah's sons did go forth and lay with the sons of men, which thing was an abomination in the eyes of God.

4. Wherefore, the Lord said unto Noah, Behold, the daughters of thy sons have sold themselves, for behold, mine anger is kindled against the sons of men, for they will not hearken to my voice; wherefore, all those who go in unto them will be destroyed with them.


AND when Noah was four hundred and fifty years old, he begat a son and he called his name Japheth.

2. Fortytwo years later he begat another son of her who was the mother of Japheth, and he called his name Shem.

3. Eight years later Noah begat a son of his wife Naamah, who was of the seed of Cain, and he called his name Ham, for he said, Through him will the curse be preserved in the land.


NOW Noah had taken a wife of the seed of Cain, and she was a righteous woman; nevertheless, the curse remained with her seed according to the word of God.

2. And Noah took her on this wise: For the word of the Lord came unto Noah, saying, Take unto thyself Naamah, the daughter of Lamech, who dwelleth here in the city of thy fathers, for she hath been faithful to my gospel, wherefore I shall preserve through her the seed of Cain through the flood.

3. This Lamech who was the father of Naamah was of the seed of Cain being the son of Methusael, the son of Mahujael, the son of Irad, the son of Enoch, the son of Cain.

4. Lamech had married Adah and Zillah, the daughters of Cainan, the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam. Adah bare children unto Lamech, but Zillah was barren until her old age when the Lord opened her womb, and she conceived and bare a son and a daughter.

5. Her son she named Tubal Cain, saying, After I had withered away have I obtained him from the Almighty God.

6. Her daughter she named Naamah, saying, After I had withered away have I obtained pleasure and delight.


WHILE Naamah was yet a child, great consternation fell upon the seed of Cain, for Irad the Son of Enoch, the son of Cain, had become a member of the secret combination and was privy to all it secrets until one night when the Lord appeared to him in a dream saying, Irad, thou hast done evil instead of good and hast followed after Satan rather than God; wherefore, I shall destroy thee and thine house when I send in the floods upon the earth.

2. But Irad was pricked in his heart and pled with the Lord to show mercy and preserve his seed through the great flood.

3. Seeing that his penitence was true, the Lord said to him, Irad, if thou wilt repent and reveal the evils of the secret combination unto the sons of Seth, I will have mercy upon thee and I will join thy seed unto the seed of Seth that it may be preserved through the great flood.

4. Wherefore, Irad went forth and began to reveal the secrets of the sons of Cain unto the sons of Seth.

5. Lamech, being Master Mahan at that time, found Irad sitting in his garden with Joram, the young son of Irad, and slew him.

6. Thus Lamech slew Irad for the sake of the oath of the secret combination and he slew Irad's son with him.

7. But Tubal Cain, the son of Lamech, had followed him and viewed his evil deed which he had committed and he revealed it unto his mother Zillah and she unto her sister Adah.

8. Wherefore, Adah and Zillah confronted Lamech with his evil and cursed him in the name of the Lord for having slain Irad who had repented of his wickedness from among the sons of men.

9. And Lamech said unto his wives Adah and Zillah, Hear my voice, ye wives of Lamech; hearken unto my speech, for I have slain a man to my wounding and a young man to my hurt.

10. If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, truly Lamech shall be seventy and seven fold.

11. Lamech's wives, therefore, feared to confront him further, but Lamech repented not of his evil deeds and finding his son Tubal Cain at prayer, he slew him for having revealed his murders. 12. When Adah and Zillah, the wives of Lamech, learned of this, they took their remaining sons and daughters and went unto their father Cainan's city and revealed the remainder of the secrets of this evil combination among the sons of Adam.

13. Thus did Naamah come to dwell among the sons of Adam and she grew up before the Lord in righteousness and was known for her tender care toward the sick and the unfortunate.

14. Nevertheless, she had not husband because she was of the forbidden race.


WHEN the word of the Lord came unto Noah, saying, Take unto thyself Naama, the daughter of Lamech who dwelleth here in the city of thy fathers, for she hath been faithful to my gospel, wherefore, I shall preserve through her the seed of Cain through the flood, Noah went unto his father, Methuselah.

2. Methuselah inquired of the Lord and returned this word unto his son Lamech: Verily, thus saith the Lord, Mine handmaiden Naamah have I given unto my son Noah that the seed of Cain might be preserved through the great flood which I will send upon the earth.

3. Wherefore, let not my son Noah fear to take her to wife, for in so doing he shall be blessed for through him will come all nations.

4. Wherefore, say unto him, Noah, my son, I have looked upon the evils of the sons of men which have come up before me, for they have corrupted the whole earth save only this city in which thou dwellest.

5. Therefore, I will send in the floods upon the earth but thou and thy seed will I preserve through the flood, for I will send mine angels to instruct thee in the building of an ark wherein ye shall be saved.

6. Behold, I shall establish thy seed before me forever and I will spread them abroad over the earth as numerous as the sand upon the seashore.

7. Thy seed shall not cease as long as the earth shall stand but through thee and thy priesthood which will be preserved in thy seed shall all nations be blessed.


WHEN Lamech returned this word to his son, Noah rejoiced and praised the Lord saying, I give thanks unto thee, O Lord, for thou hast been unto me a strong wall against all that would seek my destruction.

2. Yea, thou hast promised to shelter my from the disasters which are coming upon the earth, that the floods shall not come in upon me to destroy my seed from the earth.

3. Thou hast set my foot upon a rock that the sons of men shall not prevail against me.

4. Yea, I will walk in the way of the Ancients; in the paths which thou hast appointed will I spend my days for thou art my Shield and my Deliverer and in Thee will I trust all the days on my life. Amen.


THUS did Noah take to wife Naamah, the daughter of Zillah, the wife of Lamech of the seed of Cain, and she bare him a son whom he named Ham, and thus was the curse preserved in the land through the great flood.

2. For when the patience of God was ended in which He did grant a space of time for repentance unto the sons of men, the floods came in upon the earth and destroyed all flesh from off the face of the earth save eight souls only, for Noah and his youngest wife Adah, and his three sons Shem, Japheth, and Ham and one of each of their wives were preserved in the ark which the angels had instructed Noah in building.

3. The remainder of the righteous had died or been caught up into Enoch's city prior to the time of the flood, and these eight were saved.


NOW when the flood had abated and the ark had come to rest upon the top of a mountain, Noah and his family descended the and after offering sacrifices unto the Lord and dedicating the land, they began to till the ground and raise all manner of crops.

2. And when the grape harvest was come in, Noah made wine and drank of the new wine in his tent and his heart was made glad and he rejoiced before the lord for the bounty which the Lord had given him.

3. And it was upon the Feast of Pentecost when Noah drank of the new wine before the Lord and lay down naked in his tent to sleep.

4. When Ham, the son of Noah, entered the tent he saw his father sleeping naked upon his bed with the sacred garments which had been given to Adam in the garden of Eden laying nearby.

5. Ham knew that he and his posterity could not bear the priesthood because of the curse of Cain which was upon them and knowing there was great power in the sacred garments, he stole them form his Father Noah and hurried to his tents.

6. Rousing his family, Ham instructed them to strike their tents and led them away to the plain of Shinar where he dwelt and where Ham died.

7. Now Ham's wife was named Zeptah and she was also of the seed of Cain and they had a daughter named Zeptah.

8. This daughter, after the death of Ham, led a body of his people westward until they reached a body of water in the land of Zeptah, which is Egypt, where they settled and as the waters receded from off the land, they spread out and build many cities and temples.


BEFORE the death of Ham, the sacred garments were given secretly by him to his son Cush

2. Cush also kept them hidden and in his old age gave them unto his son Nimrod and when Nimrod was twenty years of age, he put on the garments and he derived great strength and power from them.

3. Moreover, Nimrod was instructed in all the secrets of the evil combination by his father Cain, for Cain had not perished in the flood.

4. Wherefore, Nimrod became a mighty man among the sons of men and established his kingdom and grew stronger and stronger in wickedness after the order of the secret combination which was from the beginning, for Nimrod spread his dominion over all mankind save those in the city of Shalom.


SHEM ruled in the city of Shalom and he was called Melchizedek, for the reigned as king under his father Noah, and was a priest of the Most High God.

2. After the departure of Ham from the presence of his father Noah, Shem and Japheth dwelt together in peace under the benign rule of Noah; but in time, conflict arose among them and Noah led the seed of Shem to a new land which the Lord showed him where they built a city which they called Shalom, the City of Peace.

3. Noah invested his son Shem with authority to reign as Prince of Peace, and Noah devoted his days to instructing his people after the Order of the Ancients.

4. And his people dwelt in righteousness and worshipped the Lord their God and served Him.

5. They established the order of heaven among them and sought after the City of Enoch and the Lord came among them and ministered to them and those who sought for the gain of this world went out from among them, for they held all things common after the order of Enoch and no man had above his neighbor.


AMONG those who went forth from the city of Shalom was Peleg, who traveled to the northwest and established a city after the order of his father Noah, for Peleg was the son of Eber, the son of Salah, the son of Arphaxad, the son of Shem; and his people sought after the heavenly order and obtained it for they were caught up like the City of Enoch.

2. But Serug, the son of Reu, the son of Peleg, followed not after the way of his fathers, for he sought after gain for himself; wherefore, he led those who were of a like mind with himself out from the City of Peleg and they journeyed even unto the land of Shinar and became confederate with Nimrod.

3. Under the direction of Nimrod, Serug and his companions entered into the secret combination and became men of power and wealth in Nimrod's kingdom.

4. In the land of Shinar, Serug begat Nahor, and Nahor begat Terah, my father.

5. And Terah became great in the eyes of Nimrod, and Nimrod elevated him over all his people to stand at his right hand and advise him on all matters.


NOW, my father Terah took many wives and begat many children.

2. And when he was sixtyfive years of age, he took to wife Amthelo, the daughter of Cornebo, the son of Serug, and she was a young woman of fifteen years.

3. And when Terah was seventy years old, his wife Amthelo conceived and bare him a son whom he named Abram, which be interpretation is Exalted Father, for he said, Nimrod hath raised me on high over all his host, wherefore, my seed shall reign as gods forever.

4. Now this prophecy he spake, not knowing that it was of the Lord God.


ON the night that I was born, their were great sings in the heavens, and when Nimrod's astrologers saw them, they were astonished and they spake evil of me to the king, saying that surely I should overthrow his kingdom.

2. Wherefore, they counseled the king to purchase me of my father that they might slay me and thus frustrate the plans of God.

3. King Nimrod thereupon sent for my father, Terah, and spake unto him of the words of the astrologers and asked for his son in return for a great sum of gold and silver.

4. But the Spirit of the Lord wrought upon my father that he was loathe to give me up to the king.

5. On the night that I was born, a son was also born unto one of my father's concubines and this child my father took unto the king and the king slew him in my stead, for thus had God ordained that I might grow up to serve him, the only wise and true God, and strive to establish his order in the earth all my days.


THUS was my life saved by my father Terah, and he took me with my mother, Amthelo, and my nurse, Edna, unto a cave hidden in the mountains some distance from the city of Ur where he secreted us and visited us each month at the New Moon.

2. For my father thus informed the king that he went each month on the New Moon to a spot sacred to his family deity.

3. For in the kingdom of Nimrod, each man worshipped gods of his own make, gods of wood and stone, each after the imagination of his own heart.

4. Thus did I dwell in the cave with my mother, Amthelo, and my nurse, Edna, and knew no other man save my father, Terah, and my elder brothers, Haran and Nahor, who accompanied my father on his visits.


WHEN I was three years of age, the Lord visited me in a dream of the night and he said unto me, Abram.

2. And I said, Here am I.

3. And he said unto me, Abram, I am the God of thy fathers Peleg and Shem and Noah.

4. It is I who preserved thy life when the wicked king Nimrod would have destroyed thee, for I softened the heart of thy father that he should hide thee away.

5. This I did for I have a mighty work for thee to do in establishing mine order upon the earth, and, verily, I say unto thee, I the end, through thee shall this wicked Nimrod be destroyed from off the face of the earth.

6. Behold, thou shalt remain in this cave with thy mother and thy nurse for yet seven years, and at the end of that time thou shalt depart and I will send mine angel to guide thee unto the city of thy father Noah where thou shalt be instructed in the way of life.

7. And from that time forth the Lord instructed me often in dreams of the night that my mind was opened to the ways of his kingdom.


WHEN I was ten years of age, I departed from the cave by night while my mother and my nurse slept and the angel of God met me and led me to the city of Shalom where Noah and his son Shem dwelt, and no man knew where I was.

2. And I dwelt with Noah and Shem for thirtynine years, being instructed in all the ways of the Most High God.

3. And finding great happiness and peace and rest therein, I sought for the blessings of the Fathers and I received, under the direction of Noah and Shem, those instructions whereby I might enter into the Order of the ancients and I became a rightful heir and high priest, holding the right belonging to the Fathers. For I was ushered into the Church of the Firstborn and tasted of the fruits of heavenly life.


IN my fiftieth year, Father Shem called my into his presence and instructed me to return to the house of my father, for there were many there now who were seeking after light and truth for they had seen the foolishness of worshipping idols of wood and stone, but they knew not where to find the true God.

2. And Father Shem blessed me saying, Blessed art thou Abram of the Most High god for He hath looked upon thee and found thine heart right before Him.

3. For this cause, the Most High shall visit thee and thou shalt stand at the head and be the father of a multitude, for many nations shall spring forth from thy loins.

4. Behold, in thy father's house dwelleth she to whom the promises belong, for she is a princess in the house of the Most High and shall reign as a queen over thy posterity forever.

5. Seek after her and take her to wife for she will be the mother of the promised seed.

6. The blessings of the God of Noah attend thee, my son, as thou journeyest on thy way for, from this time forth, thou shalt be a wanderer in the earth until thy seed shall come in to inherit this land by the power of God and the sword of His might.

7. Be faithful always, preach the truth in soberness and be valiant in the cause of God, and thou shalt be blessed forevermore. Amen.


WITH this blessing resting upon me, I gathered together my family, for I had taken seven wives in the city of Shalom who had borne me fifty daughters.

2. And although I had no sons of mine own flesh, yet I had adopted twelve sons of those who were faithful to the Order of the Ancients and foremost among these was Eliezer of Damascus who had come to the city of Shalom seeking after the blessings of the Fathers and had remained as my son.

3. Him I appointed as steward over all I possessed for this journey, for he stood as mine heir for I loved him as my son and brother.

4. But Father Shem said unto me, Eliezer is a good and righteous man and he shall be greatly blessed in time and in eternity, but he shall not be thine heir who shall be thine heir who shall take in the house of thy father, for she is ordained to be thy queen of queens and the mother of thine heir.

5. Wherefore, as I have said, I gathered together my wives and my daughters and my adopted sons and their wives and children and I said unto them, Hear my words, beloved and hearken unto my speech, for I have been sent with a mission unto the house of my father in the land of Shinar to gather out the pure in heart who are seeking after the true God.

6. Gather together all your goods and make you tents in which to dwell and saddle your asses to travel upon for the Most High God hath declared that we shall be wanderers upon the earth from this time forth until our seed shall come in to inherit this land by the power of God and the sword of his might.


THEN commenced they their preparations and on the appointed day, all was in readiness for our departure.

2. And when Father Shem came forth to bless us, Father Noah came also with him.

3. Now Father Noah dwelt in the temple in the heart of the city of Shalom and seldom came out of the holy place, for I had never seen him without its sacred precincts.

4. But he came forth at this time and lifted up his hands and blessed us in the name of the Most High God and we departed from his house.


WE journeyed slowly for there sake of the women and children and we journeyed not upon the Sabbath day nor upon any of the holy days, for we thought it better to worship the Lord our God according to the pattern of heaven than to proceed rapidly upon our way, and we did know that the Lord prospered us in our journey and protected us from the power of all our enemies because we did faithfully serve Him and worship before His throne according to the divine pattern.

2. But at length we did arrive in the land of Shinar at the city of Ur.

3. Now the size of this city was immense.

4. Its buildings were grand and beautiful with gardens upon the rooftops and rivers of water running down from level to level.

5. The streets were wide and smooth and the inhabitants wealthy, dwelling in luxury.

6. Merchant caravans continually entered and left her gates and the great of all nations came here to pay homage to the might King Nimrod.

7. Nevertheless, the wealth of this great city was built upon sin for the people served many idol gods and offered upon their altars men, women, and children after the same manner as the Egyptians.

8. And they had numerous slaves who were kept down in bondage and poverty and were driven like dumb beasts to provide the luxury in which their masters dwelt.

9. Behold, the inhabitants of the city did delight in whoredom and adultery and murder and all manner of evil, whereby they might get gain.

10. And the anger of the Lord was kindled against them.

11. Nevertheless, he did let them go on that they might be fully ripened in iniquity before the fullness of his wrath should fall upon them.

12. All of these things did the Lord God show unto me in a dream on the night before we entered into the city of Ur; and He said unto me, Abram, this city is vile and corrupt, but in it are some few souls who have not bowed the knee to their idol gods and it is because of their prayers that I have brought you here, that they might be taught to worship the true God after the order of heaven and be led out from wickedness and bondage.

13. Wherefore, go unto thy father's house, for thy mother hath sorrowed for these many years, and I have softened the heart of thy father toward these that he shall make thee welcome and will protect these against the anger of the king such that thou shalt be able to accomplish thy mission.

14. Behold, Abram, I am the Lord God of thy Fathers Shem and Noah, and of all the righteous Fathers back to Adam.

15. Wherefore, I will remain with thee and confirm upon thee all the blessings of the Fathers and thou shalt stand at the head of a multitude. Amen.


IN the morning before entering the city, I gathered my family together consisting of my seven wives, my fifty daughters, my twelve adopted sons, and three hundred and fifty menservants whom Shem had sent with their families, being in all six thousand three hundred and seventy souls.

2. And I said unto them, Behold, this great city is steeped in wickedness and sin for the secret combinations which was from the beginning doth hold her sway.

3. Wherefore, ye shall remain here under the direction of Eliezer while I go alone into the city unto my father's house, for the Lord God of Shem and of Noah hath promised me that the will protect me against the anger of the king such that I shall be able to accomplish my mission.

4. I led my family in prayer before the Lord, kissed them all and departing from them, entered into the city.


BEING led by the Spirit of the Lord, I found my father's house and, entering the gate, addressed the guard who was standing there, saying, Behold, I am Abram, son of Terah, who hath spent these forty years in the house of Shem.

2. Take me now to my father.

3. The guard stood as one dumbfounded, knowing not what to make of such a greeting, but at length called a boy whom he dispatched to locate my father.

4. At length the lad returned, followed closely by my father who was greatly surprised to see me, but who recognized me as his son by the inspiration of the Spirit of the Lord.

5. By this time my arrival had caused great excitement throughout my father's household, which was very large, and my mother, having heard of my coming, hastened to the place where we were, weeping and rejoicing for she had thought that I had wandered from the cave and been slain by wild beasts in the wilderness.

6. At length she led me away to her chamber to talk with me and I told her of all that had transpired with me since my leaving the cave of my being led by the angel to the city of Shalom, of being instructed under the direction of Shem, of the increase of my family and of the mercies of the true God of heaven exercised in my behalf.

7. I talked to her of the futility of worshipping idols of wood and stone made by men's hands which have no power in them and of the Order of the Ancients which was preserved in the city of Shalom under Noah and Shem which I had been sent to proclaim in the great city of Ur.


MY mother heard all my words and rejoiced in them for she was one whose heart had been turned from the worship of dumb idols to the worship of the unknown God.

2. Moreover, a small body of like believers numbering about one hundred souls met secretly in my father's house to worship the unseen God and pray for further light concerning his ways, among whom were my brother Haran, with his son Lot and his daughters Milcah and Sarai, and my brother Nahor.

3. Now, when my mother had heard my words, she bade me remain with her until evening when the believers were to meet in her rooms.

4. Wherefore, that night I met with those who had rejected the idolatry of their fathers and they were all of the seed of those who had come out from the city of Peleg.

5. Wherefore, I rehearsed unto them all the things I had told unto my mother and they likewise rejoiced therein.

6. But unto my father I spake not of these things at this time for he was yet privy to Nimrod and was steeped in his evil ways.


WHEN I had dwelt in my father's house for seven days teaching the word of life unto the believers, I went unto my father as he sat in his outer court with his servants attending to affairs of state.

2. And when he would hear me, I said unto him, Father, where is the God who created heaven and earth and all the hosts of them?

3. My father Terah answered me and said, Behold, my son, those gods who created all things are here with us in the house.

4. My lord, show them to me I pray thee, I exclaimed.

5. Whereupon my father Terah led me unto a chamber in the center of his house wherein were twelve great idol gods and numerous smaller ones.

6. And my father said unto me, Behold, my son, these twelve great ones are rulers among the gods and this largest one is ruler above all and these others were their assistants in creating all things.

7. And my father Terah bowed down and worshipped before his idol gods and we departed from them.


WHEN I departed from the presence of my father, I went unto my mother and said unto her, My mother, there is a great evil in this place for my father keepeth a room full of idols in the center of his house which thing is contrary to the commandments of God, wherefore the wrath of God shall not depart from this house until they are destroyed.

2. Let one of the young men be sent, therefore, to fetch a kid of the goats and make thereof savory meat for therewith shall I destroy these idols in which is neither life nor power.

3. My mother, therefore, summoned one of the young men who was with her in the house and sent him to fetch a kid of the goats whereof she made savory meat.

4. When it was prepared, I took the savory meat from her and went unto the room where my father kept his gods and I prayed there unto the Lord my God saying, O Lord god of Shem and of Noah, look upon me here in my weakness and strengthen mine arm that I may destroy these false gods and give me the wisdom and strength to go through all that follows and endure unto the end in service unto my God.

5. When I had said these words, the Spirit of the Lord fell upon me, even the Spirit of prophecy, and I was led to exclaim, Woe unto my father and this wicked and corrupt people among whom he dwelleth, whose hearts are all inclined to vanity, for they serve idols of wood and stone, the workmanship of their own hands, which neither eat nor smell nor hear nor speak, for there is no power in them and those who serve them shall likewise be powerless to escape when the wrath of God shall overtake them in a day they think not.


AT this time the Spirit of God fell upon me in mighty power to strengthen mine arm, and picking up a hatchet which I had brought with me for that purpose, I destroyed all my father's idols, both wood and stone, by the power of God which was in me, except for the largest in whose hand I placed the hatchet.

2. Then going to my father I said unto him, My Father, I have seen a wondrous thing for my mother did make me savory meat this day to offer before the gods who created all things.

3. And when I took the meat in unto them, they all reached forth their hands to partake thereof.

4. When the one who is ruler above all saw their words, he being angered left the room and returned with a hatchet wherewith he destroyed the other gods, both wood and stone; and behold, he standeth there even now with the hatchet in his hand and the savory meat before him.


HEARING these words, my father hastened unto the room of his gods and found it even as I had said, and his anger was kindled against me and he said, This is an idle tale thou hast told me and false.

2. Why hast thou done this thing and lied unto me?

3. These gods have no life in them to do these things for they are wood and stone and, behold, I myself have had them made by the craftsmen.

4. Why hast thou then come into mine house to destroy my gods?


THE Spirit of the Lord fell upon me at this time that I should answer my father and I said unto him, How is it thou servest these idols of wood and stone, the handiwork of the craftsmen in which is neither life nor power to act?

2. Can these which cannot deliver themselves from the hatchet deliver thee from the power of the enemy?

3. Can they hear thy prayers when thou callest upon them from out of the midst of thine afflictions?

4. Surely it is an evil thing that thou and thy people should serve these false gods for the Lord Jehovah, he is the God who created heaven and earth and all that in them is, and he hath commanded all men to worship him only and to serve him all their days.

5. Behold, your fathers in the days before the great flood worshipped false idols after the same evil combination into which ye have entered and, because of their perversions, they were destroyed.

6. Will ye also go on in their wickedness to bring down the wrath of the Most High God upon you that ye, too, should be destroyed from under heaven?

7. Nay, my father, but repent of this evil and turn unto the Lord thy God and live.

8. So saying, I took the hatchet from the hands of the remaining idol and smote him with it until he was destroyed.


MY father, hearing my words and seeing what I had done, increased in anger against me and hastened from his house unto the king, for he had access to King Nimrod both day and night.

2. When he had entered the kings' presence, he bowed down before him and he saith unto him, My lord king, fifty years ago a man-child was born unto my wife Amthelo, and when he was ten years old, we went on the new Moon to worship our ancestral god when my son wandered off into the desert and was lost.

3. But he was found by the people of the desert and raised by them and he hath recently found his way back into my house and I have received him with honor as my son.

4. Notwithstanding this, he did this day enter into the room of my gods and destroy them and hath spoken against our gods and against that ancient order which hath been handed down from our first father whereunto we are called.

5. Now, therefore, my lord king, send for him that he may be judged according to our law that this evil may be put away from among us.

6. The king thereupon sent three of his mighty men who fetched me from my father's house and brought me before the king.


WHEN I appeared before King Nimrod, he was seated upon his throne in all his glory, but it was as darkness to me.

2. At his right hand sat my father Terah and around them sat the princes and noble ones of his realm.

3. And the king said unto me, What is this thing that thy father saith unto me, that thou didst this day enter into the room of his gods and destroy them and that thou hast spoken against our gods and against that ancient order which hath been handed down from our first father whereunto we are called?


I answered the king saying, Why dost thou go on in wickedness to worship these dumb idols in which there is no power even to save themselves?

2. Not only this, but thou hast led others to worship them and to enter into that order which is most abominable in the eyes of the Most High God, for your father form whence it cometh is the devil and it is full of lies and blasphemies and all manner of evil that men should lie and murder to get gain.

3. Why wilt thou not serve the Most High God who created all things in heaven and on earth, who hath created these and holdeth the power to sustain thy life or to destroy thee?

4. O foolish, ignorant, wicked king, woe shall be unto thee forever and ever for thou art the son of Perdition for it is he who is thy father.

5. Thou hast corrupted the earth with thy sins and with the sins of thy people who follow thee.

6. It was for entering into this wicked combination to get gain that you ancestors were destroyed in the flood when only eight souls were saved.

7. Wilt thou and thy people follow in their paths?

8. Then the wrath of the Most High God will descend upon thee to smite thee from before his face.

9. Now put away these evil ways and turn unto the Most High God and serve Him that there may be hope for thee.

10. But behold, I see that thine heart is hardened in iniquity that there is no repentance for thee, for the evil one hath sealed thee his; wherefore all thy ways shall come to naught and thou and thy people shall be destroyed from off the face of the earth.


THEN I lifted up mine hands to heaven and prayed saying, O Lord God, thou who sees all the ways of the wicked and will bring every evil deed into judgment, look upon these evil ones and destroy them that the whole earth be not corrupted by them and brought to destruction.


WHEN the king heard my words and the prayer which I uttered, he ordered me to be cast into the prison house until he had determined what to do with me.

2. And after ten days, the king gathered together all his counselors and rehearsed unto them all things concerning me.

3. And when he had rehearsed all things unto them, he asked them, saying, What judgment shall such an one receive who hath reviled the king and our gods and our holy order?

4. And they returned judgment unto him saying, The man who revileth the kind should be hanged from a tree until he is dead and the tree then felled to the ground while all the people shall shout, Thus shall it befall him who revileth the king.

5. But this man hath not only reviled the king but also our gods and our holy order and, according to our law, such an one shall be cast into a furnace of fire until he be consumed that naught remain of him in the earth.

6. Let therefore the fire be increased in the king's furnace which is in Casdim where the king's bricks are made and let this blasphemer be cast into the fire that he be consumed.


THE king so commanded and for three days and three nights was the fire preparing in Casdim and at the end of that time I was brought forth from the prison to be cast therein.

2. Nevertheless, while I was in the prison the Lord sent His angels to minister unto me and to comfort me and they said unto me, Fear not, Abram, for thy work is not yet finished for thou shalt yet become the father of many nations and thou shalt preach the gospel in far places, even in the land of Egypt shalt thou declare the mysteries of thy God.

3. And though they cast thee into the furnace, is not the Lord able to deliver thee therefrom?

4. For through thy deliverance shall many be brought to bow down and worship the Lord thy God and forsake the evils of Nimrod.


THEREFORE, I came forth from the prison confident in the power of my God and in His promise that I should be delivered from the fire.

2. But as I came forth, the astrologers of the king looked upon me and by the power of Satan they recognized me, for they saw me clothed in light.

3. And they cried out unto the king saying, O king of all the earth, surely this is the man of whom we spake unto thee fifty years ago that he should rise up to overthrow thy kingdom.

4. Wherefore was he not slain?


HEARING these words, the king was greatly troubled, and calling my father Terah before him, he exclaimed, Is this then thy son who was to have been slain?

2. And what child then did I slay at his birth?

3. Speak now the truth and thou shalt go free; but if thou speakest not the truth, thou shalt die with thy son.

4. And Nimrod caused my father to swear concerning the matter.


AND my father answered the king saying, My lord king, I am guilty.

2. For because of my tender feelings toward my son, I did substitute for him the son of my concubine who was born on the same night.

3. The king's wrath mounted and in his anger he cried, Who advised thee to do this thing?

4. Surely that man shall die.

5. My father, being terrified at the kings' anger said, I was my son Haran who so advised me.

6. Now Haran had not advised my father of anything, but the Spirit of the Lord had wrought upon my father that he was loathe to give me up to the king.

7. Nevertheless, Haran was privy to what my father had done and Haran was one of the believers in the true God of heaven, but his heart was not firm nor his faith sure.

8. Wherefore, Haran said in his heart, If Abram be delivered from the furnace, then shall I know that the God of Abram is indeed the true God.

9. Wherefore, Haran wavered in his faith and his confidence waxed not great in the Most High God, but my confidence was secure, for I knew that it rested upon the Rock of my salvation and they the word of God faileth not.


NOW when the king heard the words of my father, he caused that Haran should also be taken with me and, leading us to the vale of Casdim, they stripped us of all our clothing and bound us with cords and cast us into the fire.

2. Now Haran, because his faith was not perfect in the Lord his God, was consumed in the fire that no trace of his body remained, but my faith remained firm in the Lord and He sent His angels to sustain me and release me from my bonds and I was three days and three nights in the furnace with the angels, conversing with them and beings instructed by them.


AFTER the third day, the king sent his servants to govern the fire that it might again be used for making brick.

2. But when they came up to the furnace, behold, I was sitting therein conversing with the angels whom God had sent.

3. Therefore, the servants of the king, being greatly astonished, went and told him of this matter, but he would not believe them.

4. However, when the men persisted in their tale and showed great consternation, King Nimrod himself came unto the furnace, but he angels had departed and I sat alone in the flames.

5. When he saw me therein unconsumed, the king cried out in alarm, O Abram, art thou a sorcerer greater than ours that thou shouldst live in the flames unconsumed?

6. But I answered him, Not so, O king, but the God of heaven who is the true god above all hath sent his angels unto me and hath preserved me from this fire.

7. Being much amazed the king exclaimed, Come forth then from the fire for I see that no power of mine can harm thee.


WHEREUPON, I ascended from the furnace and stood before the king and his counselors who examined my closely but, behold, even mine hair was not singed.

2. Wherefore, the king caused garments from his own wardrobe to be brought and I was clothed therein and he caused me to be seated upon a throne at his right hand where my father was wont to sit and he said unto me, What of Haran thy brother who was cast into the furnace with thee?

3. Did the angels carry him away to some far place that he might be saved?

4. But I replied unto him, Nay, but the faith of my brother was not perfect in the Most High God; wherefore he was consumed in the flames.

5. Upon hearing this, the king marveled and permitted me to speak in his court concerning the Most High God and the redemption which should be wrought in behalf of those who believed on his name.

6. Nevertheless, the heart of the king was not changed, for he gloried in power and he thought to learn from my power by permitting me to speak.

7. But about three hundred men of those who sat in the king's court were converted unto the Lord and followed no more after the evil order of Nimrod, wherefore, they were cast out of the king's presence; but as for me, the king gave me many gifts and sent me away in peace and many were joined unto the believers in the Lord from that day.

8. For having heard of my salvation from the fire, multitudes came to my father's house to hear of the God who could do such mighty things and many were converted unto the truth.


NOW, among the believers were Lot, the son of Haran, and Haran's daughters, Milcah and Sarai.

2. Milcah was fair, but Sarai was beautiful above all women.

3. Her face was as that of an angel filled with light, her cheeks as two roses in full bloom, her hair as spun gold which men treasure above all, her eyes as pools of blue reflecting the glory of God's sky, her nose delicate and lovely, and her countenance truly was fair as the sun.

4. Her breasts like two mountains rising above the plain of Shinar were fair to behold, and her complexion truly like the clouds in purity.

5. Her arms were comely, her hands perfect and delightful to behold, always in the service of those in need and quick to hasten to the service of the Lord her God.

6. Her palms were lovely, unmarred by her constant labor, her fingers long and slender.

7. Her feet were comely and always set in the path of truth.

8. Her thighs were wellrounded and soft, yet never failing to sustain her in her labor of love in behalf of the servants of God.

9. Truly no maiden was fairer than Sarai, the daughter of Haran, for her beauty was greater than all other women and she excelled them all.

10. But with her beauty was great wisdom and perfect faith in the Lord and constant service in behalf of the saints, for her hands never cease from blessing the people of God.

11. Wherefore, my brother Nahor took Milcah, the daughter of Haran, to wife, but I Abram, took Sarai at the direction of the Lord and I found great joy in her.


BUT, behold, Satan was not content to have me continue to disrupt his kingdom in peace; therefore, he sent a dream unto Kingdom Nimrod in which the king did see that I should be the destruction of himself and of his kingdom.

2. Moreover, it was shown the king in his dream that three of his own household, even Zeptah, Lilith, and Nefritiri, daughters to Onitah, the son of Nimrod, who were virgins, had joined the believers of the Most High God.

3. When the king awoke from his sleep, he was angry and he caused that I, with these three virgins, Zeptah, Lilith, and Nefritiri, should be seized and bound and carried to Photiphar's hill at the head of the plain of Olishem to be sacrificed unto the god of Pharaoh, king of Egypt.

4. And these three virgins did the priest of Pharaoh offer up upon the altar and they died singing praises to the Lord and bearing witness to the truth, wherefore, they shall be blessed forever for they have entered into the rest of the Lord.


AND when these virgins were slain, the priests of Pharaoh took me also and laid me upon the altar to slay me. But I cried unto the Lord my God for I knew that my mission was not yet ended.

2. And the Lord heard my voice and sent His angel to loose the cords wherewith I was bound.

3. And I saw the Lord seated upon His throne and He said to me, Abram, Abram, behold, my name is Jehovah, and I have heard thee and have come down to deliver thee and to take the away from the father's house and from all thy kindred into a land which is unknown to thee, a land which I have promised unto Noah should be an eternal inheritance unto the promised seed.

4. Behold, I will lead thee by mine hand and will put upon thee my name that thou shalt bear the priesthood of the fathers and the power thereof.

5. As it was with Noah, so shall it be with thee that through thy ministry and the ministry of thy seed bearing this priesthood, my name shall be known in the earth forever, for I am thy God.

6. And the Lord broke down the altar of the idol gods by an earthquake and smote their priests that they were all destroyed.


BUT I hastened to my father's house where all the believer were gathered, fasting and praying for me and I said unto them, Up, for this day we shall depart from this city that the Lord may visit it in wrath and vengeance.

2. Wherefore, all the believers gathered together and followed me out of the city to my camp.

3. And we struck our tents and departed form the land of Shinar to go to the city of Shalom to confer with Father Shem.

4. And my father also, seeing that the king's face would be set against him, gathered together his goods and followed after me.

5. We journeyed slowly, for I had with me many souls, both women and children and women with child.


WHEN at length we arrived at the city of Shalom, Father Shem came forth to greet us, bearing bread and wine which he blessed and gave to us and he said unto me, Blessed art thou, Abram, for the Most High God hath multiplied thee and behold, thy seed shall be even as the sand upon the seashore without number.

2. Go to now with this great multitude into the land of Canaan for unto thee and thy seed will I give this land for an everlasting inheritance, saith the Lord God Almighty. Amen.


THUS we departed from the presence of Shem and moved to the vicinity of Ludor which city we denominated Haran.

2. And we dwelt in the suburbs of Haran for three years for there was much pasture there and a space large enough for the multitude which accompanied me.

3. And I preached the gospel in Haran and many souls were added unto the faithful in that place.


AND there was a famine in the land, but the land of Haran was blessed for our sakes that the famine there was light.

2. But at the end of three years, the famine abated throughout the land; wherefore lot, my brother's son, and I went before the Lord in prayer after the manner of the ancients, and in answer to our prayer the Lord appeared unto me and said, Arise, Abram, and take Lot with thee and all who follow after thee, for I have purposed to take thee out of Haran and to make of thee a minister to bear my name in a strange land which I will give unto thy seed after thee for an everlasting possession when they hearken to my voice.

3. For I am the Lord thy God.

4. I dwell in the heavens; the earth is my footstool for I shall surely walk upon it when I come to redeem my people from their sins.

5. My name is Jehovah and I know the end from the beginning; therefore, my hand shall be over thee and I will make of thee a great nation and I will bless thee above measure and make thy name great among all nations and thou shalt be a blessing unto thy seed after thee, that in their hands they shall bear this ministry and priesthood, even the priesthood of the fathers after the Holy Order of God, unto all nations.

6. And I will bless all them, even as many as shall receive this gospel through thy name, for they shall be called after thy name, even the seed of Abram, as though they were the seed of thine own flesh, and they shall rise up and bless thee as their father.

7. For I will bless them who bless thee and curse them who curse thee.

8. In thee, through the priesthood which thou barest, and in thy seed, through thy priesthood which they shall bear which cometh down from the fathers, shall all the families of the earth be blessed with the blessings of the gospel which are the blessings of salvation, even of life eternal.

9. For I give thee this promise, that thy seed shall sprinkle all nations that through them the right to this priesthood may encompass all mankind, that all may be brought into the covenant through obedience to the law and ordinances of the gospel.


NOW when the Lord had ceased speaking with me, I praised the Lord saying, Thy servant hath sought thee earnestly; now have I found thee.

2. Thou didst send thing angels to deliver me from death many times; shall I not do all things which the Lord my God requireth of me?

3. Blessed art thou, O Lord, who bestowest thy love without measure upon the righteous but hatest all iniquity.

4. But I have kept thy statutes to walk therein and have received thine ordinances unto myself, wherein thou hast blessed me with the Spirit of knowledge and truth.

5. For my part, I will love thee freely with all my heart and soul.

6. I will cleave to thine holy law to not turn aside therefrom in all thou hast commanded.

7. I have learned through the gift of thine Holy Spirit that no man is able to choose his own way nor direct his own steps for all such will fall into the pit.

8. In thine hand is the shaping of each man's soul which thou hast foreordained to conform to the image of thy Son.

9. Wherefore, I will embrace the Son and call upon God for mercy for evermore. Amen.


THEREFORE, I took Sarai and Lot and all my family and all Lot's family and all the souls who had joined us in Ur and in Haran who would come and we departed out of the land of Canaan.

2. But my father had departed not from his idolatry; wherefore, he remained in the land of Haran and Nahor also remained with some others who departed not from the truth of the living God.


WHEN we had come into the land of Canaan, I built an altar in the plains of Moreh and offered sacrifice unto the Lord.

2. And the Lord appeared unto me and said This is the land which I will give unto thee and to thy seed after thee forever.

3. I will make thy seed like the stars of heaven and I will give unto them for an inheritance all the land which belongeth unto the Canaanites for surely I will destroy them from off the face for the land when their wickedness is full.

4. Wherefore, I praise the Lord for His mercy and we departed from that place and journeyed toward Bethel.


AND when I reached Hebron, I tarried there for two years, but the famine again waxed great in the land.

2. hearing that there was no famine in Egypt, I determined to journey into that land, remembering the word of the Lord unto me in Ur that I should declare the mysteries of my God in the land of Egypt.

3. And, behold, the Lord blessed us on our journey that it was made light unto us and we journeyed until we reached the Kirmyon, one of the branches of the river of Egypt, where we rested form our journey for a season, for here the famine was not so severe.

4. But remembering the word of the Lord my God unto me, when we were recovered from our journey, I determined to move forward across the seven branches of the river of Egypt into the heart of the country of the Egyptians.


BUT on the night before I entered into Egypt, I dreamed a dream.

2. And behold, in my dream I saw a cedar and a palm tree and the branches of the palm tree were wrapped around the cedar.

3. Suddenly , a group of men approached, seeking to cut down the cedar and leave the palm tree to stand alone.

4. But the palm tree cried out saying, Cut not down the cedar for whosoever seeketh to fell it shall find the curse of God resting upon him.

5. So the men desisted and the cedar was spared by the act of the palm tree.


WHEN the dream was ended, I awoke from my sleep and wondered at it.

2. Wherefore, I went before the Lord in prayer and besought him saying, O Lord, show me the interpretation of this dream which I have had this night.

3. And the Lord said unto me, Behold, Sarai thy wife is a beautiful woman to look upon above all the women of the earth.

4. Therefore, it shall come to pass that when the Egyptians shall see her, they will say, She is his wife, and they will seek to slay thee for the sake of obtaining thy wife.

5. Let Sarai thy wife, therefore, say unto them, He is my kinsman, and thy soul shall live.

6. For thou art the cedar, O Abram, and Sarai is the palm tree and this is the interpretation of the dream; for through the act of thy wife, thou shall be saved and the way will be opened for thee to preach the mysteries of godliness in the court of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, for these Egyptians are thy kindred of they seed of Eber, and it is My will that the truths of the everlasting gospel should be brought to them.


NOW I had heard while I dwelt in Haran that some of seed of Eber had entered into Egypt and driven the seed of Ham to the south and taken possession of the land.

2. But these followed not after the God of their father Eber, but worshipped idol gods, even as did my father Terah, but they followed not after the abominations of Nimrod.

3. Now these Hebrews were of the seed of Hadoram, the son of Joktan, the son of Eber.

4. And Joktan was the brother of Peleg.

5. And Eber was the son of Salah, the son of Arphaxad, the son of Shem.

6. Wherefore, the Lord had sent me to preach the gospel unto these who had departed from the god of their fathers.


WHEREFORE, I awakened my wife Sarai and I said unto her, I have had a dream of the Lord.

2. Tell it to me, she said, that I may know what it is.

3. Therefore, I related unto her the dream and all that the Lord had said to me concerning it and I added, When the men of the land shall inquire of thee saying, Who is this who accompanieth thee, say unto them simply, He is my kinsman.

4. Thus shall my soul live and the Lord will use their love for thee as a means whereby the gospel shall be preached among them.

5. Fear not to do this thing for they will neither defile thee, contrary to thy covenants, nor slay me, but all shall come to pass to the glory of our God.


SARAI, my wife, was fearful when she heard of the danger through which we must pass and wept that night before the Lord, but she placed her trust in Him and was comforted by His Holy Spirit.

2. The next day we moved on across the seven branches of the river and proceeded toward Foan where Pharaoh dwelt.

3. But I kept Sarai hidden until we reached Foan, for it was in the home of Pharaoh that the Lord purpose to use her great beauty to open the heart of Pharaoh unto the work of God.

4. When we reached the city of Foan, three of Pharaoh's officers met us and I brought Sarai forth to sit at my right hand while I gave them audience.

5. And according to the word of the Lord, while I attempted to explain unto them our having come there because of the famine in the land of Canaan and that we sojourned among them, they kept bestowing compliments upon Sarai for her great beauty and wisdom and the luster of her countenance.


WHEN the men departed from me, they went directly into the presence of Pharaoh and when they had eaten with him, he had good wine brought forth.

2. While they drank together, they began to speak unto him of what had transpired, but all they could speak of were the beauties of Sarai.

3. How beautiful is the woman Sarai, they said, who sitteth at Abram's right hand.

4. How comely is the shape of her face; how delicate and finespun are her tresses.

5. How beautiful her eyes. How delicate is her nose and the whole luster of her countenance.

6. How fair are her breasts and how comely with all is her complexion.

7. How comely, too, are her arms and how perfect her hands.

8. How pleasing are her hands to behold; how lovely her palms, how long and slender her fingers.

9. How comely are her feet. How wellrounded her thighs.

10. None of the maidens and none of the brides that enter the bridechamber are fairer than she.

11. Her beauty is greater than all other women and she excels them all.

12. Moreover, along with all this beauty, she hath great wisdom and the workmanship of her hands is fair indeed.


WHEN he heard these words, Pharaoh lusted after Sarai and he sent his servants to fetch her to him.

2. Knowing it to be the will of the Lord, I let her go although mine heart was grieved within me.

3. When Pharaoh saw her, his lust grew within him, for he was overcome by her beauty and he took her into his household as his wife and sent men to slay me that I might not rise up to claim her.

4. But Sarai, seeing these things said unto Pharaoh, He is but my kinsman; wherefore, Pharaoh called back his men and my life was spared.


BUT Lot and I and all our household spent that night in prayer before the Lord for Sarai that she might accomplish her mission and that she might not be defiled contrary to her covenants.

2. And I stood with mine arms stretched out toward heaven after the Holy Order of God and I said, Blessed art thou, O Lord the Most High God, Lord of all worlds and Lord and Ruler over all things.

3. I know that thou dost rule over all the kings of the earth, executing judgment upon them in righteousness even as thou didst save me from the evil designs of the mighty King Nimrod.

4. Now do I complain before thee concerning Pharaoh of Foan, king of Egypt, who hath violently abducted my wife Sarai from me.

5. Wreak justice upon him in my behalf and let me behold thine hand wax mighty against him and against all his household and let him not be able this night to defile my wife contrary to her covenants.

6. Let them come to know, O Lord, that thou art the Lord of all the kings of the earth and the Ruler of all men, for this cause did I suffer Sarai to go among them according to Thy counsel.


AND God hearkened unto my prayer and withheld His spirit from the Egyptians that none of them were able to come at their wives that night.

2. In the morning, consternation reigned throughout the land of Egypt, for no man had been able to lie with his wife all that night.

3. Pharaoh also was greatly perplexed, for although his lust toward Sarai had grown throughout the night, he had been unable to satisfy that lust because of the curse of God which rested upon him.

4. Therefore, he summoned all of his wise men and the physicians of his household, but none could heal him and all had suffered the same affliction.


THEN the Spirit of the Lord fell upon Sarai and she said, My lord, it is indeed a sad matter that this affection should be upon thee.

2. My kinsman Abram is a man full of wisdom and of the Spirit of our God.

3. Send for him, therefore, and he shall tell thee how to be delivered from these bonds that thou mayest freely take me to thyself.

4. Now this he said at the direction of the Lord our God and the Lord softened Pharaoh's heart that the hearkened unto her words and he sent Shulem, one of his chief ministers, unto my camp.


WHEN Shulem arrived in camp, he was, according to my directions, let to the tent of Lot, and when he had entered the tent, he bowed before Lot and said, My lord Pharaoh and all the males of the land of Egypt have been cursed that they are unable to come at their wives.

2. But it hath been told Pharaoh by his handmaiden Sarai that her kinsman Abram is a man full of wisdom and of the Spirit of your God.

3. Let him, therefore, come and lay his hands upon my lord Pharaoh and pray for him that he may be healed and live.

4. But Lot said to him, As long as his wife Sarai remains with the king, my uncle Abram will not be able to pray for him.

5. Be off thou and tell the king to release the woman to her husband.

6. Then he will pray for him and he will be healed.


WHEN Shulem heard these words, he was amazed and he went straightway to the king.

2. My lord king, said he, This curse hath come on account of Sarai the wife of Abram.

3. Let Sarai be but restored to her husband Abram and this curse will be lifted from off all the males of Egypt.

4. Upon hearing these words, the king asked Sarai saying, Is this thing so?

5. Yea, my lord, she replied, and it is done that thou mightest behold the power of God.

6. For when thine heart lusted after me, thou shouldst have asked and not taken me by force.

7. But this is done that the glory of God might be revealed that thou shouldst turn from the worship of dumb idols to the worship of the true and living God.


HEARING these words, Pharaoh summoned me to him and when I entered his presence he asked, What is this that hath been done?

2. For I have taken Sarai to wife while she was yet your wife and for this thing a curse hath fallen upon me and all males in the land of Egypt.

3. Therefore, pray for me that this curse may be removed from us.

4. According to Pharaoh's request, I laid mine hands upon him and prayed over him and he and all the males of Egypt were healed.


WHEN the king had been blessed, he was that he had recovered and he praised the Lord for his recovery.

2. Wherefore, I took him into his garden and baptized him in the name of the Lord and all his household with him.

3. And when I had blessed him again, Sarai came before him and he knew that he had been healed for the Spirit of God fell upon him with this testimony and the witness thereof was sure.


THEN Pharaoh arose and praised the Lord and proclaimed to all his people that they should worship the Most High God who had healed them.

2. And he desired to enter into a covenant of eternal brotherhood with me that I should be his father and he should be my son.

3. Wherefore, I said unto Pharaoh, Put forth thine hand upon my thigh and I will make thee swear before the Lord, the God of heaven and earth, that thou shalt be true to me and thine heirs to mine heirs forever, and I shall receive thee unto myself to be my son and brother to inherit all the blessings of mine house and to bear my priesthood forever.

4. Wherefore, Pharaoh put his hand upon my thigh and swore to me according to this oath.

5. And when he had sworn, Lot sealed him mine that he should be my son in time and eternity and Pharaoh rejoiced therein.


AND the king clothed me in his own robes and seated me upon his throne, placing his own crown upon my head and his scepter in mine hand.

2. And I did teach him and his people in all the mysteries of godliness from first to last.

3. For Pharaoh did introduce me into the temple which had been built by the fathers, commenced by Father Seth and completed by Father Shem after the great flood and therein I did officiate in the rites and ordinances of the house of the Lord.

4. And Pharaoh made all matters right with Sarai, and he blessed her with the outpouring of his spirit and she was blessed in his presence.

5. And he gave unto her Hagar, his own daughter, also, to be her companion and to Hagar he gave many gifts.

6. And I was seven years in the land of Egypt teaching the gospel and administering unto Pharaoh and his household and all the Egyptians the blessings, rites, and ordinances of the gospel with the power thereof.

7. And I established among them the order of the Fathers and the priesthood thereof until the name of Jehovah was glorified throughout the land of Egypt.

8. And I taught the people the nature of the heavens and of the earth and the plan of salvation and the blessings of the Lord unto those who serve him in purity of heart and to believe on the Son of God who should come to make an atonement for their sins.

9. And so great was the power of God among us that in time all of the Egyptians had turned from their idolatry to the worship of the true God and I and my people had cause to rejoice in the fruits of labors.


AT the end of seven years, the Lord visited me and he said unto me, Blessed art thou, Abram, servant of the Most High, for thy joy shall be great in my mansion with this multitude which thou hast brought unto me; wherefore, thy name shall no more be called Abram but Abraham shalt thou be called, which is by interpretation, Father of a Multitude.

2. Moreover, thy wife Sarai shall no longer be called by that name, but Sarah shall she be called, which signifieth a Queen.

3. For Sarah have I chosen and appointed to be thy queen of queens for from her shall issue the promised seed, even him who shall be thine heir.

4. Behold, the day cometh when the seed of Ham shall again rule in this land and at that day thy seed shall be in bondage to them, but I will raise up a prince from among the Egyptians who shall lead them out of bondage and they shall inherit the land of Canaan, even that land which I have promised unto thee and to thy seed after thee for an everlasting inheritance.

5. Moreover, from the loins of thine heir shall proceed the Messiah, even the Son of God, who shall walk upon the earth ministering to the poor and lowly, who shall be lifted up that the price might be paid for the original sin of Adam and for the sins of all mankind, that all who will believe on His name and receive His ordinances and keep His commandments should not perish but inherit everlasting life.

6. Moreover, in the last days I will raise up out of the loins of thine heir a choice seer through whom the fullness of my gospel shall be restored to the earth and all things shall be restored as in the beginning.

7. For upon him shall rest the priesthood of his fathers and he shall commence the organization of that holy order which was in the beginning of the world which shall be consummated before the Son of God shall walk again upon the earth.

8. These promises are thine, my son, and I say unto thee, Thou shalt be exalted and dwell with me in the mansion of my Father.

9. Now take thy people and return into the land of Canaan, for there have I a mission for thee and there shall the promises come to pass in thy behalf.


WHEN I had received this word of the Lord and He had departed from me, I went unto Pharaoh and told him that I must depart from his realm as the Lord had a work for me to do in the land of Canaan.

2. Though he was loathe to see me go, Pharaoh bowed to the will of God and appointed men from his own bodyguard to escort me to the borders of Egypt and he gave me gifts of cattle and silver and gold and fine cloth and precious jewels of every kind.


SO I went up out of Egypt and Lot accompanied me who had taken three wives while in Egypt, namely, Jennifer, daughter of Eliezer of Damascus, Deborah, daughter of Kumen who had come out of the city of Ur, and Asterah, daughter of Pharaoh, king of Egypt.


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