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Preface": The real story about Ancient times

Earth's Ancient History

The real story about Ancient times

Preface L.C. Geerts

I grew up in the period shortly after the Second World War in the Netherlands. This was a time in which our parents had to rebuild our partly destroyed society.

My father was, as were several others, captured by the Germans, and from 1943 imprisoned in several, so called, Concentration-Camps because he refused to work for the Germans and was categorized as 'Politik Heftling'. Finally he was freed in April 1945 from Camp 'Buchenwald', in what was the former East-Germany near Weimar, by the Americans.

During my youth in the 50s and 60s I was raised in an orthodox Calvinistic community with a father who often told his children (a total of 13) the horrible stories that took place in the Concentration Camps where he stayed in the 40s. During my life as an adult his experiences would have a profound impact on my life, due to the fact I could not accept that Humanity could or would be able to murder and destroy its own fellow-creatures.

As mentioned I was raised in an Orthodox Calvinistic community so I willy-nilly learned the Bible by rote. When I was 11 years old I became aware that I had been betrayed (though not intentionally) by both my parents, in church and by teachers at school.

Because of that newfound awareness I started to read other books about ancient history and soon learned to read the Bible with opened eyes and saw how different our history was being portrayed in comparison to what me had been taught.

The Books of Emanuel Velikovsky for instance, tells an entirely different story concerning ancient times. His theories made sense. In the seventies and in later decades most scholars began to believe Velikovsky's theory that the evolution of our earth was much different from what they had previously believed.

Velikovsky's theory gives the reason why dinosaurs vanished from the face of the earth in such a short period of time. His theory explains that Venus is a stranger in our solar system, and that there was once a planet between Mars and Jupiter millions of years ago. Further it points out that the chronological timetable of Egypt after the Bronze Age has a hole of at least 400 years.

In later chapters of my book I will try to explain more of the theory of Dr. Emanuel Velikovsky, who is now considered a respected scholar by most of his peers.

During later years I became more and more interested in the Ancient History of Mankind and the written stories from all over the World including the Myths, Legends and Sages. During this study it became very clear that the stories in the Bible were not unique, and had been told of and written about everywhere around the Ancient World.

When looking for evidence I began to read the history of Mesopotamia, Assyria, Egypt and other regions and soon found out what I had already presumed.

Because of this new evidence I started reading the Bible again, only now as an historical book. It soon became clear that the modern Christian Bible and Jewish Torah (that makes up the first five books of the Old Testament) merely gives us a 'colored' or watered down history of the Hebrew and Jewish people, and are only fragments of the total history of the Middle East. So the Bible became for me a very useful historical book written by several ancient writers that had been rewritten much later after the captivity of the Jews in Babylon by the Prophet Daniel in the 6th century BC.

At that time, the Torah consisted of stories that had been composed for the most part from older stories that had been written on clay tablets and papyri from Mesopotamia, Assyria and Egypt, including names and places, and in most cases these stories were thousands of years older.

The final Torah and later the final Christian Bible were arbitrarily composed and differ within different sects of Judaism and Christianity itself. While several original Canonical Bible books were later set apart as Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha books in the 2nd century AD is for me still a question that never has been answered to my satisfaction.

Even in the 21st century, our known history is based on theories of scholars who have been raised following the same dogma most of us share. They don't believe any other scenario of our ancient history, even when other scholars had shed a new and magnificent light on our ancient history. The old guard refuses to look with open eyes or to face the truth. I think it's time to reconsider our ancient history and to try to see it with 'new' eyes and with an open mind.

The reason we still don't know who we are and where we came from is that our thoughts are still based on religious thoughts learned by our parents, grandparents, and ancestors and taught to us by the Church Fathers. It would be wise to first consider where religion came from, and then to consider the reason these religious beliefs have been spread all over the world since ancient times.

If we would just be able to set aside our religious teachings we have been taught at home, church and school and simply take the time to start reading the Bible in a different way, then we might very well see that many things written in the Bible really did happen as they are written and that most of these stories are based on much older stories.

All the 'strange' stories, written in the Bible, on clay tablets and in all kinds of Myths, Legends and Sages from all over the world and by all cultures, wouldn't be as 'strange' as they seems to be if we believe they really happened in ancient times. And that all that has been written down is to let us know who we are and also the real history of mankind. Most of these stories are retelling's of historical facts. Some are less fairy tales then eyewitness events.

In this book I will try to prove that the Bible is only a small part of the ancient history of mankind. It is a book based on important stories much older than the Bible itself. The Bible contains several fragments of stories and retellings. It tells only survived stories written down by the Prophet Ezekiel, of which the originals were destroyed in the period during and after the Babylonian overthrow of Israel in the 6th century BC. These stories were later fitted together as the 'holy' book of the Jews the Torah.

There is no evidence that the Bible should be seen as a religious book. It slowly became religious during the last 2,500 years and was often updated to fit in the beliefs of the Jews and later Christianity.

Parts of the 'original' Bible have been modified since then, and so were born the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha books. This is in spite of the real historical facts of these books. Proof of these facts came out when the 'Dead Sea Scrolls' were found in the year 1947 and a small part of the scrolls were translated and published.

I am still waiting for the publications of all the Dead Sea scrolls. I'm sure that what I have written in this book will be proven once this happens. Nevertheless I invite the reader to study all historical scrolls by himself to find the truth.

In this book I, along with you the reader, will try to figure out what has happened in the past 500 million years with our Earth and with our ancestors. I will try to prove that the history of our earth is much different than most scholars believe and think today.

September 1998 / January 2006

The Netherlands


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