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Ancient and Medieval Europe

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Even as other parts of the World the ancient history of Europe is also still a more or less white spot in historical perspective. Historians differ in their meaning about the age of the rock paintings of Lascaux in France, the age of Stonehenge in England, the Hunebeds in Western Europe, the age of the Cro-Magnon humanoids and many other phenomena's.

The history of Europe is only partially revealed from about 2,000 BC and then only the parts situated around the Mediterranean Sea (modern Greece, Turkey and much later Italy and Spain), the history of the Northern en Western parts from before 500 BC. is still in the 21st century a "black hole" and as far as me concerns will never be fully discovered because there is no written history about this period then only some rock inscriptions in modern France and Germany.

The only thing we know so far is that Western-Europe was already inhabited for ten thousands of years before civilized communities made contact with the natives. The first written stories about Western and Northern Europe we can find in the writings of Homer, Herodotus and other early Greek writers from the 5th and 4th century BC who derived most of their stories from travellers who visited the natives of this "cold" and "dark" part of Europe.

From the time of the rise of the Roman Empire in the 1st century BC. we have some more information, left behind by Roman writers like Suetorius, Jordanes, Tacitus and others. The only written native history of a particular part of Western Europe (now modern Holland) has survived in a book called "The Oera Linda Book", the oldest part dates from about 558 BC. and was put together in 803 AD and 1,256 AD. The authenticity of this book is still a dispute by Historians. In my opinion there is evidence that at least parts of this book are authentic. I hope to come back on this subject when I have made an in-depth study of the book. You can find the text of this book on this website and it's worth reading. Last but not least there are some survived manuscripts from Celtic origin that tells the story of a part of the British Islands and parts of France (Bretagne)

When I visited Bretagne, summer 2002, I was amazed of the enormous quantity of the Dolmens, Menhirs and Hunebeds (Stone heaps possibly made as grave ?) at Carnac.

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This kind of structures we can find all over Western Europe including The Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain. I disagree with most historians that these structures, including Stonehenge in England ware built about 4,000 - 2,000 BC (see also chapter 6, 13 and 14 of my book).

The age of the Rock paintings in the Grottos of Lascaux in France are still at present time unknown and historians differs in their meaning and dates these paintings from 40,000 BC to 5,000 BC.

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