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The Oera Linda Book, Plates and Maps

The Oera Linda Book

Written in 1256 AD, from a diary
which was put together 560-558 BC.

from the Original Frisian text

verified by Dr. Ottema

by :

William R. Sandbach

Londen, Trubner & Co, 1876

Plates and Maps

PLATE 1....The Standing Alphabet given to Fasta by Frya


PLATE 2....Free Lands at the Time of Fasta, 2190 BC


PLATE 3....The First Celtic Empire of Kalta, 1600 BC


PLATE 4....The Voyages of Jon and Minerva, 1600 BC


PLATE 5....The Return of the Geertmen, 303 BC


PLATE 6....Free Lands at the Time of Gosa, 300 BC


PLATE 7....A Page from the Book of Adela's Followers

Page 45 from the Oera Linda Manuscript


PLATE 8....The Oera Linda Family Tree

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