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by Franz Cumont

translated from the second revised French edition by Thomas J. McCormack

Chicago, Open Court



Bas-relief Discovered in Aquileia.

List of Illustrations

King Antiochus and Mithra. Bas-relief of Nemrood Dagh

Imperial Coins of Trapezus (Trebizond)

Bactrian Coins

Tauroctonous, or Bull-slaying, Mithra. Typical Representation. (Borghesi Bas-relief from the Capitol. Now in the Louvre)

Tauroctonous Mithra. Artistic Type. (St. Petersburg)

Tauroctonous Mithra. Artistic Type. (Vatican)

Tauroctonous Mithra. Early Artistic Type. (Boston)

King Antiochus and Ahura-Mazda. Bas-relief of Nemrood Dagh

Mithraic Medallion from Tarsus, Cilicia

Tauroctonous Mithra. (British Museum)

Sun-God. Fragment of the Bas-relief of Virunum

Bas-relief of Osterburken

Plan of the Mithrm of Heddernheim

Reverse of the Bas-relief of Heddernheim

Bas-relief of Neuenheim

Plan of a Mithrm in Ostia


Statues of Torch-bearers. (Lateran)

Pedestal Found at Carnuntum

Mithraic Kronos Found in Ostia

Mithraic Kronos of Florence

Mithraic Kronos of Rome

Mithraic Kronos Found in Ostia

Fragment of a Bas-relief Found in Virunum. (Klagenfurt)

Bas-relief of Heddernheim

Bas-relief of London

Mithraic Cameo

Mithraic Cameo, Showing Mithra and the Dioscuri

Statues of Torch-bearers. (Palermo)

Mithra Born from the Rock

Mithra Born from the Rock

Fragment of Bas-relief of Virunum

Tauroctonous and Taurophorous (Bull-bearing) Mithra. Clay Cup of Lanuvium

Two Bronze Mithraic Plaques. (Vatican)

Bas-relief of Apulum

Inscription to Mithra Nabarze. (Sarmizegetusa)

Tauroctonous Mithra. Bas-relief of Bologna

Mithraic Communion. Bas-relief of Konjica

Restoration of a Mithrm at Carnuntum

Tauroctonous Mithra of Toronto

Mithraic Gems. (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City)

Mithraic Cameo

Sol, the Sun-God

The Passion of the God. Head of the So-called Dying Alexander of the Uffizi Gallery

Bas-relief of Mayence. Mithra Drawing His Bow

Chained Skeleton Discovered at Saarebourg

Mithraic Dadophorus. Wrongly Restored as Paris

Counterpart of the Preceding

Mithraic Kronos of Modena

Birth of Erichthonios. Greek Vase


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