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Myths of Babylonia and Assyria, Index

The Babylonian Marriage Market, by Edwin Long [19th Cent.] (Public Domain Image)

Myths of Babylonia and Assyria

by Donald A. Mackenzie


This volume of the Myths and Legendsseries covers the still nascent subject of ancient Near Eastern mythology. Because the primary documents had only been deciphered a few decades prior to the writing of this book, Mackenzie necessarily has to round out the exposition with a detailed history of the region, Biblical accounts, and speculative cross-cultural comparisons, particularly to Hindu and Northern European mythology and folklore.

The picture emerges of the birth of the world culture in the region which is today known as Iraq. Besides writing, codes of law, irrigation, mathematics, astronomy, urban life and many other innovations, the fertile crescent developed a brutal form of despotism. The history is a constant churn of wars, invasions, massacres, genocide and regicide.

This work remains a decent introduction and reference work for the religion, culture, history and general background of the ancient Near East, and well worth studying by anyone interested in the topic.

Title Page
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Chapter I. The Races and Early Civilization of Babylonia
Chapter II. The Land of Rivers and the God of the Deep
Chapter III. Rival Pantheons and Representative Deities
Chapter IV. Demons, Fairies, and Ghosts
Chapter V. Myths of Tammuz and Ishtar
Chapter VI. Wars of the City States of Sumer and Akkad
Chapter VII. Creation Legend: Merodach the Dragon Slayer
Chapter VIII. Deified Heroes: Etana and Gilgamesh
Chapter IX. Deluge Legend, the Island of the Blessed, and Hades
Chapter X. Buildings and Laws and Customs of Babylon
Chapter XI. The Golden Age of Babylonia
Chapter XII. Rise of the Hittites, Mitannians, Kassites, Hyksos, and Assyrians
Chapter XIII. Astrology and Astronomy
Chapter XIV. Ashur the National God of Assyria
Chapter XV. Conflicts for Trade and Supremacy
Chapter XVI. Race Movements that Shattered Empires
Chapter XVII. The Hebrews in Assyrian History
Chapter XVIII. The Age of Semiramis
Chapter XIX. Assyria's Age of Splendour
Chapter XX. The Last Days of Assyria and Babylonia




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