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Teutonic Myth, Legend

Freyja [Public domain image]


by Donald A. Mackenzie

An Introduction to the Eddas & Sagas, Beowulf, The Nibelungenlied, etc.


This is Donald Mackenzie's able retelling of the Northern mythological cycle. He weaves a coherent narrative from the Eddas, the Niebelunglied, the Volsung Saga, Beowulf, the primordial Hamlet myths, and Medieval German tales of chivalry. MacKenzie also wrote Egyptian Myth and Legend and Myths of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe.

Title Page
Plates In Color
Plates In Monochrome
Chapter 1. Story of Creation
Chapter 2. The Nine Worlds
Chapter 3. The Deeds of Odin
Chapter 4. How Evil entered Asgard
Chapter 5. The Winter War
Chapter 6. Triumph of Love
Chapter 7. The Lost Sword of Victory
Chapter 8. Fall of Asgard
Chapter 9. The Gods Reconciled
Chapter 10. Loke's Evil Progeny
Chapter 11. Thor's Great Fishing
Chapter 12. The City of Enchantments
Chapter 13. Thor in Peril
Chapter 14. The Great Stone Giant
Chapter 15. Balder the Beautiful
Chapter 16. The Binding of Loke
Chapter 17. The Dusk of the Gods
Chapter 18. The Coming of Beowulf
Chapter 19. Conflict with Demons
Chapter 20. Beowulf and the Dragon
Chapter 21. Hother and Balder
Chapter 22. The Traditional Hamlet
Chapter 23. Hamlet's Storm-mill
Chapter 24. Land of the Not-dead and many Marvels
Chapter 25. The Doom of the Volsungs
Chapter 26. How Sigmund was Avenged
Chapter 27. Helgi Hundingsbane
Chapter 28. Sigurd the Dragon Slayer
Chapter 29 Brynhild and Gudrun
Chapter 30. The Last of the Volsungs
Chapter 31. Gudrun's Vengeance
Chapter 32. Siegfried and the Nibelungs
Chapter 33. The Promise of Kriemhild
Chapter 34. How Brunhild and Kriemhild were won
Chapter 35. The Betrayal of Siegfried
Chapter 36. The Nibelungen Tragedy
Chapter 37. Dietrich of Bern
Chapter 38. The Land of Giants
Chapter 39. The Wonderful Rose Garden
Chapter 40. Virginal, Queen of the Mountains
Chapter 41. Dietrich in Exile
Chapter 42. The King's Homecoming

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