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Famous Men

Entry of the Crusaders into Jerusalem, by Eugene Delacroix [1840] (Public Domain Image)

Famous Men of the Middle Ages

by John Henry Haaren


Title Page
The Nibelungs
Alaric The Visigoth. King From 394-410 A.D
Attila The Hun. King From 434-453 A.D.
Genseric The Vandal. King From 427-477 A.D.
Theodoric The Ostrogoth. King From 475-526 A.D.
Clovis. King From 481-511 A.D.
Justinian The Great. Emperor From 527-565 A.D.
Mohammed. Lived from 570-632 A.D.
Charles Martel, 714-741 A.D. And Pepin, 741-768 A.D.
Charlemagne. King From 768-814 A.D.
Harun-al-Rashid. Caliph From 786-809 A.D.
Egbert. King From 802-837 A.D.
Rollo The Viking. Died 931 A.D.
Alfred The Great. King From 871-901 A.D.
Henry The Fowler. King From 919-936 A.D.
Canute The Great. King From 1014-1035
The Cid
Edward The Confessor. King From 1042-1066
William The Conqueror. King From 1066-1087
Peter The Hermit. About 1050-1115
Frederick Barbarossa. Emperor From 1152-1190
Henry The Second 1154-1189, and His Sons 1189-1216
Louis The Ninth. King From 1226-1270
Robert Bruce. King From 1306-1329
Marco Polo. Lived From 1254-1324
Edward The Black Prince. Lived From 1330-1376
William Tell and Arnold Von Winkelried
Tamerlane. Lived From 1333-1405
Henry V. King From 1413-1422
Joan of Arc. Lived From 1412-1431
Gutenberg. Lived From 1400-1468
Warwick The Kingmaker. Lived From 1428-1471

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