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Lives of the Caesars

Caius Suetonius

Suetonius (Caius Suetonius Tranquillus), c. A.D. 69 c. A.D.140, Roman biographer. Little is known about his life except that he was briefly the private secretary of Emperor Hadrian.

His De vita Caesarum [concerning the lives of the Caesars] survives almost in full; it was translated into English by Robert Graves as The Twelve Caesars (1957).

There are also fragments of a much larger collection of biographies, De viris illustribus [concerning illustrious men]. He gathered together all sorts of anecdotes, and the resultant biographies are lively and informative. Suetonius was taken as a model by many later biographers.

Lives of the Caesars

  • De Vita Caesarum: Julius

  • De Vita Caesarum: Augustus

  • De Vita Caesarum: Tiberius

  • De Vita Caesarum: Caius Caligula

  • De Vita Caesarum: Claudius

  • De Vita Caesarum: Nero

  • De Vita Caesarum: Galba

  • De Vita Caesarum: Otho

  • De Vita Caesarum: Vitellius

  • De Vita Caesarum: Vespasian

  • De Vita Caesarum: Titus

  • De Vita Caesarum: Domitian

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