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The Legends of the Jews





This is a massive collation of the Haggada--the traditions which have grown up surrounding the Biblical narrative.

These stories and bits of layered detail are scattered throughout the Talmud and the Midrash, and other sources, including oral. In the 19th century Ginzberg undertook the task of arranging the Haggada into chronological order, and this series of volumes was the result.

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Main Index Preface Voluume 1 Vol. 1 Creation to Jacob The Legends of the Jews 1 1 Creation of the World 2 Adam 3 The Ten Generations 4 Noah 5 Abraham 6 Jacob and Esau Preface Volume 2 Vol. 2 Joseph to the Exodus The Legends of the Jews 2 1 Joseph 2 The Sons of Jacob 3 Job 4 Moses in Egypt Preface Volume 3 Vol. 3 The Exodus and Moses The Legends of the Jews 3 Moses In the Wilderness 1 Moses In the Wilderness 2 Hagaddah, Chapter III, THE MATERIALS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE TABERNACLE Moses In the Wilderness 4 Moses In the Wilderness 5 Moses In the Wilderness 6 Moses In the Wilderness 7 Vol.4 From Joshua to Esther The Legends of the Jews 4 1 Joshua 2 The Judges 3 Samuel and Saul 4 David 5 Solomon 6 Judah and Israel 7 Elijah 8 Elisha and Jonah 9 Later Kings of Judah 10 The Exile 11 Return from Captivity 12 Esther

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